Downside to gags.

What are the down sides to gags?

The downside to gags is they reduce the ability to have the slave/submissive speak with you. If you’re a reaction junkie, you’ll have to take that into consideration as the sub won’t be able to beg or try to coax you into stopping; and of course, being a playful smartass or providing feedback are out. However, you can still hear them moan and scream and cry out and make sounds. Thus when you’d like to shut them up, ball gags are great.

Gags come in various shapes, sizes and colors. You want to ensure to purchase one that’s comfortable for the sub (some are too big). Keep in mind that some gags will make the sub drool–not attractive–so try a few and see which you like best.

Keep an eye on rags or underwear that you shove into their mouth as you don’t want them to choke. (A person tends to swallow often when there’s something in their mouth, it’s an automatic response.)

Live with passion,

Doctor Charley…


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