Do Dominants have limits?

Having limits is something everyone in the D/s community has. For a Dominant, we typically don’t state them since we’re the ones “in charge”; however, we do have them.

Typically a Dominant’s limits are revealed based on the limits they impose on their submissive (sub) or the requirements they impose on their submissives.

For instance, a Dominant who has a limit of needles will not conduct needle play with their submissive or slave. A Dominant who enjoys Fire and Knife Play will ensure their slave enjoys it as well either by training them or by not accepting a submissive or slave whose hard limits involve no fire or knives. Some Dominant women have limits against men crossdressing.

The Dominant can also have a limit regarding their slave being touched by another person, imposing restrictions on all physical interactions, even certain vanilla ones.

Basically limits for a Dominant are self-imposed. Why do we self-impose them? Because Dominants are in the unique position of being able to do so.

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