Scenes from Both Sides: Emotions & Perspectives from a Dominant & a submissive

Getting inside characters’ heads can be difficult, especially if you’re either a new author, or new to BDSM (or both!). Writing scenes with realistic, detailed dialogue (internal and external), can be a challenge. BDSM scenes are emotionally charged, come with their own set of intense reactions and responses, and each side can be difficult to understand and articulate. How do you translate what you feel during a scene to the page? What does each person think during a scene, what happens in their head and to their body and what does it feel like? How can you invite your readers into your characters’ minds and help them gain a deeper understanding of BDSM play? Created for the BDSM Writers Con, and geared towards authors, this workshop will walk through scenes from the perspectives of both an experienced lifestyle Dominant and submissive, allowing authors to gain a deeper understanding of the emotional and physical journey through scenes, from the perspectives on both sides of the slash. Authors will be able to hear detailed accounts of scenes and the thoughts and feelings that occur during them, while asking questions about reactions, thought processes, and specific sensations or types of play.
Andrew Knowlton has been active in the BDSM lifestyle for over 25 years. A member of the International Violet Wand Guild, electrical play is one of his specialties, as well as being a highly experienced edge-player. He can usually be found writing, creating plans and prototypes for bondage furniture, coming up with sadistic plans, and creating fetish photographs.
AJ Renard has been involved in BDSM her entire life, an owned and collared pet and submissive. She worked professionally as a fetish model, and enjoys dark, intense play. A lover of leather, a variety of edge play activities, and rope, she loves teaching self-rigging, getting herself tangled up in self-suspensions, educating and spreading a positive image of BDSM, and especially serving her Owner.


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