Creating Scenes & Roleplaying

Do you have a story you want to tell or perhaps a scene you’d like to created for your own pleasure?

Is it easy for you to come up with ideas, however you’re not quite sure how to pull them off and make the scene erotic?

Do wonder how you can incorporate various different roleplay scenerios into your love life or your novels?

Whether your an author looking to improve your D/s scenes or a reader wanting some tips, this workshop with  provide you with answers.  Be sure to bring your questions, your ideas, and your willingness to explore.

Judy Guerin has over 30 years of experience in the scene, specializing in psychological play. Join her for an interactive discussion/demo of various scene things, including role-play, humiliation, verbal skills and how to plan and execute a scene. She is an internationally recognized BDSM educator and activist and has dedicated her retirement to working on political issues of sexual freedom and gender expression.


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