Introducing A Vanilla to BDSM

Rachel Kenley, BDSM Writers Con, kinky workshopsWriting Dilemma: You have one character experienced in/with BDSM and one curious but clueless one.  Or perhaps one who doesn’t know anything about it at all.  How do you realistically introduce your “virgin” to the wonders of BDSM?

In this workshop we’ll  talk about the potentially amazing and wonderful journey a newbie takes when in the hands (!) of an experienced Dom/me and what it takes to portray this relationship convincingly and truthfully in our writing.

When you include a previously vanilla character in your story you have the joy and struggle of showing so many sides of BDSM – the fear, the excitement, the trust, intimacy, and limits.  What are the first time highs – and lows.  How will you use the lingo of BDSM?

And what will the vanilla’s experience be? Do you thrust the character into a scene and hope for the best?  Or is your Dom/me someone patient and tender, enjoying the process of expanding the submissive’s knowledge and desire.  What are the differences when in the bottom’s point of view vs. the Top?

What if your vanilla has dominant tendencies? 

We’ll discuss examples that worked and others we think didn’t.  Participants are welcome to share some of their own writing for feedback and questions.

If we can write this in a way that truly excites our readers… we can do more than create a good story.  We portray our community as the exciting and possibility-filled world that it is.

 Note: Though this workshop is geared toward authors, readers are welcomed!

Rachel Kenley is a novelist, workshop leader, radio host, and co-founder of the Writers Business School.  She is the best-selling author of erotic romance novels and anthologies. When she is not writing, she is homeschooling her sons, trying unsuccessfully to keep up with laundry, and laughing as much as possible. She loves reading, chocolate, her morning cup of coffee, and retail therapy. Her radio show, The O Spot, is new every Wednesday at 10 pm EST on and encores several times during the week. A Jersey Girl currently trapped without good diners or boardwalks in New England, she can be found on Facebook and on her website.


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