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Protocols, Rituals and Scene Etiquette: How to Incorporate BDSM into Your Vanilla Lifestyle and your erotic novels


Well-defined protocols can be the foundation or provide structure for a DS relationship or they can help strengthen a floundering one. In this class, Lady Sabrina will discuss the function of protocols and help you design ones that are unique for your type of relationship. She’ll also discuss ways you can discretely incorporate BDSM into your vanilla lifestyle. She’ll also touch upon what etiquette is proper in clubs and dungeon. This is an audience participation presentation so bring your questions and don’t be surprised if you also have the answers. A real live demo will be included in the presentation.

Lady Sabrina has been a member of the BDSM community for over 25 years and has presented for numerous organizations like TES, Master/slave Conference, Black Rose, etc. on such varied topics as; Introduction to M/s, Women Empowerment, How to Run a Successful Meeting, Flogging, Sensual Hot Wax, Scene Protocols, Basic Skills for Dominants, Club Scene Etiquette, Spanking 101 and 201, Basic Negotiation, Your Event and How to Promote It, Intro to BDSM, etc.

Lady Sabrina’s philosophy is that we can all learn from each other and she has worked hard to bring the various communities: M/s, Bear, Lesbian, Trans, etc. together. She lives an M/s lifestyle and finds obedience very sexy.

Personally, Lady Sabrina is a sci-fi geek, loves kittens, real books, old movies, men in suits and lots and lots of ice cream




Protocols & Rituals — 2 Comments

  1. Kalyug,

    Since I have very little knowledge of Tantric Sex, I don’t think I can be of much help to you with your paper. Also, sex is not a necessary part of BDSM and in fact many people do not include it as a part of their BDSM relationship.

    Wishing you luck with your paper.

    Lady Sabrina

  2. Dear Sabrina,

    How you will relate Tantaric Sexual practise, Kamasutra ,and Mudra Sastra with BDSM practise.

    I am a YOGI, i practise Tantric Sexual and i am a Docter of Psychology i am doing research on BDSM, my objective is to Rise BDSM to one more level highter then physical practise,1000s of year before TANTRA was javing a courage to speak about sex as a energy to transform towards GODlines, and now only BDSM are the people who are really capable to uplift this esoteric knowledge and science.

    I am going to publish a Research Paper on BDSM and Tantric sexual tecnique,kamasutra and mudra shastra..etc..

    I would like your help for the same.would you like to help me.?

    Warm regards and love.

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