Joey W. Hill

Joey W. Hill

BDSM Writers Con

A Guided Fantasy for us all!

by Joey W. Hill


I’m working on a scene where my hero is offering my heroine a guided fantasy. This is a great BDSM exercise for the kind of Dom who has a flare for the dramatic, using props and sensory input to let a sub really get lost in the scenario he’s creating for her. Here’s a little piece of it, to warm you up for my point:

He pushed a finger inside of her as she bit back another whimper.


“Be still. Just feel,” he ordered. “You asked what’s next on the agenda. You’re going to be that slave you fantasized about, sold at auction. A soldier is going to buy you, and share you with his friends. Christ, your pussy is sucking on my hand just thinking of it, aren’t you?”

“It won’t….really involve other men?”

“Lucky for you, I could tell you don’t really want that.” He pushed in deeper and she gasped. “It will be a guided fantasy. That means I’m going to make you believe your fantasy is happening, using different props and sensations. Like hypnosis, it helps a sub lose herself in it in a safe way. I might have an assistant or two, but the only cock you’re ever going to feel in that eager pussy of yours, now and going forward, is mine. Got it?”

“Oh…” She gripped the table as he pushed in a second finger. He started moving them in a coital rhythm, his thumb teasing her clit. “Logan, please don’t…”

“Asking me not to do something your body is begging for is like cutting your wrist in front of a shark.” Leaning down, he nuzzled her ear, took a sharp nip that made her shudder. “I can be ruthless when circumstances call for it. If you hadn’t noticed.”

–from Naughty Bits, a four-novellas series coming April 2014

To my way of thinking, the BDSM Writers’ Con offers a guided fantasy experience to its attendees. With a plethora of demos from actual Doms and subs, a visit to a BDSM club and the chance to observe and participate, the attendees, whether or not they are part of the lifestyle, will be able to get closer to what it’s like to be a hero or heroine in a D/s relationship or scenario. On top of that, those who wish to write better BDSM will be offered workshops by authors who have a reputation for doing it in a way that leaves readers asking for more. Just like a guided fantasy, successful BDSM romance writing requires a meshing of reality and illusion. The Aug 21-24, 2014 weekend provides a chance to learn about all of it – the reality and the romance.

That’s an experience that can be appealing to writers and readers. For instance, when I went to the Naughty Sleepover in San Antonio last year, they had a live Master-sub session in the hotel ballroom. Using Japanese rope tying techniques, one Master tied two standing female subs to one another with an upper body harness. Their arms were boxed behind them. Another Master spanked them with varying degrees of roughness and brought each woman to climax right there in front of us all. For many attendees, it was the first time they’d witnessed such a thing. They’ve read about it in erotic romances, but seeing how reality and fantasy can intertwine so beautifully in healthy BDSM practice… Well, all I can say is there were over a hundred women in that room, and you could have heard a pin drop for those 90 minutes. How often does THAT ever happen? The only way I’ll get that level of attention during my keynote speech is if I beg a few Masters to weave their way among the audience with whip or paddle in hand. Of course, momma didn’t raise no fool. You get a punishment only if you’re SILENT (grin).

Ahem. Where was I? Like a lot of people, I live in a situation/location that doesn’t allow me a lot of access to BDSM resources. I started writing D/s as an exploration of my own submissive nature, so for my first few books, I wrote D/s romance based purely on that and the occasional Internet research to verify some mechanics. I’ve since decided I was glad I came at it that way, because I’ve found the psychology of Dominance/submission the most powerful part of the story, eclipsing any restraints or fancy gadgets (though don’t get me wrong – those ARE lots of fun). However, I had the advantage of already having that strong drive within myself to guide me. If I had wanted to write BDSM romance and only had the basic Dominant/submissive tendencies we all have to greater/lesser degrees, with nothing inside to really drive it forward, and no external resources, my attempts to write D/s romance might have gone a much different direction.

That’s why I’m pleased that we’ve progressed to the point an event like this is being offered. For one thing, as a BDSM practitioner and author, I want to see it done well (hey, I’m a reader, too!). But an experience like this benefits writers and readers. As I said above, all of us have Dom/sub tendencies. That doesn’t mean you want to become an active lifestyler. I get plenty of readers and authors who send me complimentary emails about my work (thank you!), but in the same breath assure me they are not a Dom or sub, or wish to practice BDSM. And that’s totally okay – erotic romance gives readers the chance to experience it in a pleasurable way for them. We all have a sense of adventure, and that sense manifests itself a lot of ways – some jump out of airplanes, others get a tattoo, and some let Netflix randomly choose their movies for them (hey, it takes courage to do that one – believe me!). There are a lot of things my submissive heroes and heroines do that I would NEVER do. But I love reading about them doing it (wink).

The point is, though many readers and authors enjoy the dynamics of D/s only in the written word, they wouldn’t mind getting an even closer look, still within their comfort zone. The BDSM Writers’ Con provides that option. Having direct access to BDSM resources will help you indulge your sense of adventure in a safe way. If it works the way intended, writers will come away with better tools to craft BDSM stories, readers will have greater knowledge of what BDSM is and isn’t, and everyone will have had a lot of fun on their “guided fantasy” through the BDSM world.

See you there! And on behalf of all of us who’ve wanted something like this out there for awhile, our thanks to Dr. Charley Ferrer for founding and hosting the conference!


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