Kathy O’Rourke


Kathy O’Rourke shares a few succinct thoughts on writing and being nominated for the Golden Flogger Award


Why did you begin writing BDSM novels?
I have been reading the genre for a while and saw a need for a different kind of story. I wanted to get away from the the dungeon scene. Each book in My Men of Nirvana Flats Series will feature a  different Dom and how they chose to live the lifestyle. Book one, Knowing Beth, is about a gentle Dom. The point being made is that the l/s is so much more that whips and chains.

Do you participate in D/s activities or merely write about them?
I am a submissive but I do not have a Dom at this point. My Daddy passed away several years ago and I’ve been alone since. I have many friends in the lifestyle as well.

Where did you get your information on this lifestyle?
Through personal experience and experiences of many friends and of course reading.

What does being nominated mean to you?

It means that my book has worth to our community…

What was the hardest part of writing your novel?
Developing realistic male POVs.



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