Newsletter July 8, 2014

Hello everyone,

I hope you enjoyed the 4th of July weekend. We have some fantastic announcements this week for BDSM Writers Con.…we just keep getting better and better!

Joining us as our new Featured Author is Laura Antoniou. Laura will also be conducting a workshop Q&A on writing about BDSM from the Leather Gay perspective and providing tidbits on getting published. “Ask her anything, but don’t expect the usual answer,” she says. Laura is not only speaking about writing, she’s also offering advice to fans as well. Remember, regardless of whether you’re a writer or a reader you’re welcome to attend ANY workshop we provide.

We’ve also added a Publishers Panel to our line-up to help authors learn what publishers and editors are seeking. Indie and self-published authors may also wish to attend this workshop as it’ll help you keep up with the market trends. (We’ll have a full list of the publishersBDSM Book Fair 2014 attending in the days to come.)

I’d also like to announce our new Silver Sponsors for our BDSM BOOK FAIR & BETWEEN THE COVERS Erotica Reading Series, Riverdale Avenue Books and Samhain Publishing. I know they’re planning a few surprises for participants which you’ll just love. (Yes, we changed our BDSM Book Fair name just a little. However, we’ve kept all our fabulous attending authors.)


And for our SPECIAL SURPRISE… we’ve opened the conference up to One Day Passes.

For all those unable to share all 4-days with us, we now offer two different Day Passes to choose from:

Day-Pass workshops only $99 (choose your day)
Saturday Live Demos & BDSM Private Party $150.

If you’re joining us Saturday the Live Demos & BDSM Private Party, consider spending the night at the Roosevelt Hotel, sleep in late, then join us at noon on Sunday for our BDSM Book Fair & Between the Covers Erotica Reading Series.

To register for Day Passes and the conference go to:

If you’re coming to New York City and need to use the hotel for one night or more, remember to make your reservations soon to receive the hotel discount (Use code: Writers Con) Call the 24-hour hotline 888-833-3969. Offer good for date: August 19-26.

And for all those joining us on Wednesday night for drinks & dinner and Dueling Pianos, don’t forget to purchases your tickets for that event. It’s not part of BDSM Writers Con registration. At only $20 for three hours of entertainment it’s a steal in NYC. Don’t worry about the 2-drink minimum. Once you purchase your drink & dinner it’s covered.

More updates soon. Only 44-days to go; Yahoo! Can’t wait to see you all.

Live with passion,

Doctor Charley…

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