Newsletter — December 4, 2015

Troll under the bridge, Charley ScaredMy week in Everett, WA was well worth it. Not only did I meet the infamous Troll Under the Bridge in Fremont, a suburb of Seattle, I got a chance to meet with many wonderful people and organizations who are supporting our west coast expansion. I have to say the people, the food, and most importantly the hotel were top notch. And the hotel beds…oh my gawd, talk about comfort!

I want to take a moment to introduce some of our Everett sponsors:

  • BlueWater Organic Distilling – will be hosting our “Conference Kick-Off Mixer” on Wednesday March 30—yep, the day before the conference commences for all those flying in and arriving early. They are even creating a special signature drink just for us called: Spank Me! Which it will do if you drink too many off them.
  • BarMyx Everett’s Alternative Bar – will be hosting one of our Mixers and providing goodies for all our participants
  • Master Brian & his slave Mel along with Keith will be running our Dungeon Party on Saturday which is open to the public.

Special announcements:

  • The winner of our November Thanksgiving giveaway is Ginger. The designer cuffs are provided by Dungeon Delights.
  • Check out our Holiday Sales where you’ll find 50% off eCourses and four sensuality and BDSM books for as little as $30.
  • For those already thinking about the perfect gift to give your lover on Valentine’s Day, join me at Caliente Resorts, for a Primal Passion Getaway weekend February 13 & 14, 2016 where I’ll be teaching two workshops to enhance your intimate relations. Best of all, you’ll receive 10% – 40% off your stay.
  • Golden Flogger Awards 2016 are now open. Nominate your favorite author’s BDSM book today. Visit our website and discover who’s been nominated. Best of all, purchase one of our nominees’ books and receive a free gift or eBook. (Purchase must be made after December 1.)
  • Erotic author, Jillian Verne did a little networking with one of our attending publishers for BDSM Writers Con 2015 and received a 3-book contract with Loose-ID. If you haven’t read her books yet, you’ll love them. They’re fast paced and sizzling hot. Get a little taste of her writing in our upcoming BDSM Writers Con Anthology 2016. Her short story, Violet Mind F**K will leave you breathless it’s so sizzling hot.

Holiday Special: Register for BDSM Writers Con by December 31 and be entered to win a designer set of cuffs and collar from Dungeon Delights. For those already registered, not to worry, you’re entered as well. (Value $150)

Keep an eye out for more offers and fun giveaways during this holiday season.

Live with passion,

Dr. Charley Ferrer

BDSM Writers Con — Everett Featured Authors:

Tiffany Reisz, Cris Anson, Rhiannon Ayers, Rose C. Carole, Dr. Charley Ferrer, Mike Makai, Arlee Scott, JM Schroder, and Marie Tuhart, Jean Johnson

BDSM Writers Con — New York City Featured Authors:
Sierra Cartwright, Cris Anson, Christie Adams, Rhiannon Ayers, Rose C. Carole, Roz Lee, Dr. Charley Ferrer, Arlee Scott, Di Storm, Cecilia Tan

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