Newsletter April 15, 2015

Rose CropsWith tax day upon us, I thought I’d give everyone something wonderful to consider instead of worrying about Uncle Sam. As you may know, De Tails Toys has stepped in to Sponsor our Golden Flogger Awards and will be providing an amazing surprise for the winners. In honor of their support and as a special gift for all of yours, we’re offering a beautiful Rose Crop for one lucky winner who registers for BDSM Writers Con starting today. For those already registered, invite a friend or fan to register and you’ll be entered to win alongside them.

I’m always providing you with updates about what’s new. This week, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge all our other fabulous sponsors who help make BDSM Writers Con great. Help support them as they support us and visit their website to learn more about them and what they do.

NCSF – The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom shares their support for the second year in a row. NCSF will also conduct a workshop on BDSM & The Law which will be interesting for everyone as well as authors who want to include some of the legal issues we face in their next story.

Jolynn Raymond – Erotic author and BDSM educator provides her support. She may not be able to join us in person this year, yet continues to share her support long distance. Jolynn is also a Golden Flogger Award nominee for both the romance and non-fiction categories.

Cris Anson – Erotic Author has been with us for the past four years, since our inception. She’s gone from writing erotica, to writing BDSM erotica, then moved on to teaching a workshop at BWC 2014. This year she offers her financial support to help us provide participants with more activities and education. Did you know Cris was recently interviewed by Rolling Stone Magazine for a video documentary addressing some of her naughty research and her deliciously sensual stories?

Subsensuals – is our latest sponsor and vendor. They are selling some wickedly provocative intimate jewelry.

Victor Tella – provides us with Single Tail Whips for the three year in a row. He’s actually joining us this year to teach a Live Demo–Whip Class. Best of all, Victor is bringing a limited number of his whip collection to sell. Order yours now and he’ll create it in the color(s) you love and bring it to the conference; perhaps even provide you with a little personal instruction as well.

Dungeon Delights provides more of their fabulous metal restraints and collars. They’ve been our proud sponsor for over four years.

Rhiannon Ayers joins us this year and shares her creative genius. You’ve seen her work in our flyers and ads. Contact her to have her work her magic for you.

Caliente Resorts again provides us with more vacation getaways for three lucky winners.

If you are interested in becoming a Sponsor, please contact us. Sponsorships start at $500. You can even help sponsor our scholarship fund for as little as $300. Feel free to contact us to discuss other ways you can help.

Remember if registered today and be entered to win our latest prize—the Rose Crop by De Tails Toys. If you’re already registered, help us spread the word and encourage a few friends or fans to join us. They’ll thank you for it and so will we!

Live with passion,

Dr. Charley Ferrer

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