Interview with Dr. Charley Ferrer & Skye Michaels

Interview between Dr. Charley Ferrer and Skye Michaels.


Dr. Charley, what do you enjoy most in working with patients with sexual challenges?
Being a Clinical Sexologist and Sex Therapist isn’t like being a regular counselor. When dealing with sexual issues and dysfunctions we need to unearth very private information about an individual’s desires, abilities, sexual practices and the challenges they are experiencing. Because of this, it’s important to be able to help a patient feel accepted and comfortable. As this comfort occurs, the individual opens up and I’m able to help them overcome their difficulties. The best part of this is that I get to see their life improve and help them regain the self-confidence they need to make their relationships and their life better. This goes for individuals with sexual desire challenges such as accepting their sadomasochistic desires or their ability to conceive which yes, child bearing falls under a “sexual challenge”.

What do you enjoy about the BDSM dynamic in relationships?
I enjoy the aspects of vulnerability, surrender and trust inherent in a D/s relationship. Although it’s typical for people to focus on these attributes stemming from the submissive, the fact is that the Dominant (both Master & Mistress) also experience them as well. As a Master or Mistress you must be willing to surrender to your own needs with your submissive and evidently put some of these aside for the betterment of the relationships. You must trust your submissive to come to you, share themselves with you; this in itself makes an individual vulnerable regardless of what side of the whip they stand. It is these three traits that will make a D/s relationship flourish and that’s makes the world more beautiful.

Do you think you’ll survive getting BDSM Writers Con up and running?
Laughs…our inaugural conference this August was a major eye opener. We spent a year putting it together, going from a 3-Day Intensive to a 4-day conference with multiple speakers and various live Demos plus our trademark private BDSM Club night out not to mention the various author/reader Mix & Mingles we planned. Aside from not having breakfast most days till 4pm and living on three hours sleep, we make it through with flying colors. Everyone who attended was a joy to meet and brought their own flavor to make the conference great. Surviving isn’t an issue. It’s missing everyone when BDSM Writers Con is over!

We’re already planning BDSM Writers Con 2015 adding more wonderful experiences for readers and writers. We’ve also added a Golden Flogger Award to acknowledge those authors writing great D/s novels which depict an accurate portrayal of the lifestyle. Plus, we’ve gathered some wonderful authors and readers together who volunteered to help in several conference committees. I’ve no doubt we’ll survive the challenges faced behind the scenes of putting together a major conference. Besides, we offer the best incentives to make it a spectacular conference…whips, floggers, canes!

Anything else you’d like us to know?
I’d love to have everyone join us for BDSM Writers Con August 20-23, 2015 in New York City. We’ll have over thirty workshops and live demonstrations on various aspects of BDSM as well as a night out at a private BDSM club. Plus, we’ll have several author/reader Mix & Mingles and our prestigious Golden Flogger Award ceremony. We welcome the novice, the experienced, and everyone else who’s curious about discovering what Dominance and submission is all about.

For those that can’t attend in person, I’ve put together an amazing audio program with over 16-hour of education on Dominance and submission called BDSM Intensive. This CD program is Live & Uncensored. On sale now through January 1, 2015 for only $99 after that its regular price is $257. Why such a huge savings? Because I believe this amazing program will make a difference in your life and the value of your relationships whether they’re based on Dominance and submission or vanilla. Plus authors will have valuable information to help them create and bring life to those amazing stories we all love to read. Most of all, because I love giving gifts on New Years!

Also check out our other BDSM educational programs such as eCourses and my book BDSM The Naked Truth.

Dr. Charley Ferrer is a world-renowned Clinical Sexologist and BDSM Educator. She is the host and founder of BDSM Writers Con. She is the award winning author of BDSM The Naked Truth and thirteen other books on sexuality and self-empowerment. Dr. Charley hosts workshops throughout the US and Latin America. Visit her at or

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