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BDSM Writers Con 2014 is now over.

Discover what happened during this amazing conference from our
Keynote Speaker
Joey W. Hill

BDSM Writer’s Con was really a “first year” conference because it was expanding its format significantly to include much more in terms of BDSM resources and reader involvement than in previous years. As authors or readers, whenever we’re attending a first year conference, there’s always some trepidation. Conferences are expensive and time consuming – will it be worth it?

I’m delighted to say not only was the BDSM Writer’s Conference worth it, it exceeded my expectations pretty much at every level. Even better, I saw that pleasure and experience reflected in the attendees I encountered, both readers and authors. The author presenters were generous with their insights and talents to help other authors along the road of developing their own BDSM story ideas. The lifestyle presenters were top notch in their fields – whip play, Dom/sub dynamics, violet wand, just to name a few. I went home with a notebook full of scene ideas based on learning more about these areas. The private party trip offered us front row exposure to many different types of kink in a safe and friendly environment.

If you are trying to learn more about BDSM, as an author or a reader, you will benefit greatly from attending this conference.

The organizers worked hard to make that happen, and they solicited feedback throughout the con to figure out what would work better for everyone next year, whether author, reader or presenter. I’m so glad I went!

I won’t be attending any conferences for the next year (husband going back to school), so I’ll miss the 2015 event, but I can tell you I’m already regretting that. Will look forward to hearing everyone’s stories next year, though!

Joey W. Hill


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