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Join us for a fabulous interview
with one of our Featured Authors,
Lilith Darville

What got you started into writing, in particular about a subject as controversial as BDSM?
Sex interested me from an early age; no doubt there’s something in my gene pool. *grins* My Hubster and I quickly discovered that a rich fantasy life and lots of “research” enhanced our play. I also love erotic writing so it only made sense to fold BDSM play into my novels.

What new writing projects (or home projects) are you working on?
I’m uber excited to be publishing my fifth novel, “Rage.” Rage is the first of a dark erotic romantic suspense series where BDSM will play a core role as the series develops. A doctor with a broken heart. A captive with a dark past. They have a thirst for vengeance… and each other…Lots to get excited about!

What is it that you love most about this genre?
My Hubster and I enjoy an enriching sex life, which is an integral part of our deep love. We’re in such a good place—a place I sincerely wish all lovers find. I share my stories in the hope that they will entertain and enhance others’ love lives. One of the best compliments I got from a reader: “Our sex life was dull and routine. Anything exciting happened in my head. My husband picked up the copy of your Scorpio Awakens I’d left on the bedside table, and he loved it. We started reading parts to each other and that led to … well, you know. Thank you Lilith for bringing zip back to our marriage.”

If you could be any BDSM toy or equipment which would you be and why? 
There are so many fantastic sex toys out there, many of them favourites. So, like with my writing, the most recent acquisition is often high on the list, and I would be a Lelo Sona clit vibrator. Whether in her hands or his, I make her sigh and moan. I work equally effectively whether they use me to play together or she uses me for solo play. You see, unlike most vibrators that skim the surface, I go deep down past the base of the clit to those highly stimulated submerged area. Depending on how they play with me, I might jolt an orgasm out of her before she has time to even think she’s near the crest. I don’t like to brag but my orgasm are intense, pulling . Other times, I pulse hard taking the slow, sensual path to a prolonged orgasm, one that I keep just out of reach until she begs in wanton frustration. When she despairs that she’ll ever reach the elusive climax, I shock her out of complacency and her volcano erupts. I love the grin of deep lust and longing that spreads over his face while he watches her buck and moan, fingers buried deep in her cunt. Massaging her glorious juices into her G-spot. Blasting her into orbit.

I can’t wait to meet you all at the BDSM Writers Con and share my passion for passionate love and great sex, in any RACK form. I’m excited to tell you about my books and hear your ideas about what you like best in your erotic romances. My new characters, Jaden and Rayne, go undercover in the BDSM world to rescue sex slaves. Do look me up at the Con and give me your ideas for a couple of kinky scenes. Grab some cool swag in exchange. Remember my motto: Feed your fantasies!


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