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Author, T.L. Travis joins BDSM Writers Con 2017 in Everett, Washington. We had a few questions for her to help you get to know her. Feel free to post a few of your own below. And join us March 24, 2017 for our Book Fair in Everett or attend the entire conference and hang out with our authors, March 23 – 26, 2017.


What got you interested in writing BDSM?
Reading the Linger series by VE Campudoni.  It opened my eyes to how when using BDSM in the right way you can actually help a person heal from a traumatic experience.

What resources or research, if any, have you done into BDSM to make your stories realistic?
I’ve only just begun writing BDSM so I guess you would say I’m entry level.  All I’ve learned has been from reading other BDSM books and internet research.  I am hoping to find a local Dom that would let me sit in on a few sessions with his Sub as a spectator.BDSM Writers Con, T.L. Travis, kink, bondage, Charley Ferrer

What differences or difficulties, if any, do you see in writing D/s stories as opposed to your typical romance?
The only difficulty is that I don’t practice it so I don’t want to look like a fool.  I plan to further my research and will be interviewing some people living the lifestyle that I have been introduced to.

Why have you chosen to attend BDSM Writers Con?
I think it will be very beneficial to my writing and will help me take my writing to the next level.

A little more about TL Travis:
TL Travis is the author of The Sebastian Chronicles along with numerous other erotic novelettes (and many more in the works), The Elders Trilogy – an erotic paranormal (Vampire) romance novel series and many non-fiction articles.

BDSM Writers Con, T.L. Travis, kink, bondage, Charley FerrerIn her spare time she likes to fish, enjoy all the Pacific Northwest has to offer, spin spicy erotic webs for readers to enjoy, and rescue any 4 legged lost souls she comes across. Since her children are grown and have flown the coop, she’s taken to spoiling her two deaf white boxers even more so than they were before.

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