Eden Bradley

Eden Bradley press pictureUnfortunately, Eden will not be able to join us this year due to family obligations. We hope to have her join us for BDSM Writers Con 2015.

It’s my pleasure to introduce Eden Bradley, our latest author/presenter for BDSM Writers Con. With over 30-books on erotic romance and some wonderful kinky scenes, Eden joins our line-up of amazing authors dedicated to the pursuit of furthering knowledge on Dominance & submission and bring readers credible romantic stories.

Below are a few questions we had for Eden. Please feel free to ask your own. Also, join us for our LIVE CHAT with Eden on March 3, 2014 at 9:00 p.m. EST. Not to worry if you miss it, you can always download the recording. 


Why write BDSM?
Since I’ve been involved in kink in some form or another for most of my adult life, it was a natural compulsion. I started writing short kink stories in my mid-twenties, but it wasn’t until about twelve years ago that it occurred to me that I could publish. As an author I draw so much from my life, whether it’s people I know, jobs I’ve had, places I’ve visited, so of course my kink life is going to flow over into my stories, too. And for me, that’s what I most enjoy writing about. The psychology and the complexity, the sensuality and the vulnerability—all of it fascinates me! Enough that the kink elements are most often the central theme for my books.

What sort of response have you had from fans? 
I’ve had a number of people write to tell me my books opened up a whole new avenue of sex for them—sometimes simply making their sex life with their partner more exciting, other times people have actually begun to explore the lifestyle. But one of my favorite responses was when a woman I met at a Christmas party (oddly enough) came up to me and said she couldn’t get through five pages of one of my books without having to stop to masturbate! She blushed like mad, but I take that as the highest compliment.

Do you have any favorite kink authors, and have their books affected your writing?
Early on one of my favorites were Anne Rice’s BDSM books, under her pen name A.N. Roquelaure (the Sleeping Beauty series) and Anne Rampling (Exit to Eden). These books were a true epiphany for me at a time when, pre-Internet, it was nearly impossible to connect with other kink folk, and I was feeling very alone in my kink desires. And her lush, gorgeously descriptive prose has had an enormous impact on my writing voice.

Molly Weatherfield’s Carrie’s Story is, in my opinion, the modern day Story of O. Her writing is so smart and just so lovely. And she really delves into the thought process behind kink (or, the process her heroine goes through, at least). I love when an author can bring me right into a character’s head and make me understand her, to experience the titillation and heartbreak—it’s a gift.

International bestselling and award-winning author Eden Bradley has been involved in BDSM practice for over twenty years as a switch. A psychology major, she loves to write about the sensuality and complexities of kink, and has presented kink demos as a Top and as a demo bottom—she believes in equal opportunities, especially if it means she can give as well as receive! She has published dark, edgy erotica and erotic romance for Bantam, Berkley, Harlequin/HQN, Black Lace Books and Samhain Publishing, and more recently she’s ventured into self-publishing. Her books have been translated into German, French, Romanian, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Czech and Japanese. Eden has appeared regularly on Playboy Radio and conducts workshops on writing craft and writing about sex with an emphasis on kink.

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