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carrie anne ward

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to

Carrie Anne Ward

We’re proud to be her FIRST EVER United States book signing

Hear what she has to say about writing, HEA and BDSM.

Do you believe every book should have a HEA? Or should we be more realistic with a HFN?(Happy for now)
hmm I picked this question because I believe in HFN, it leaves the reader wondering what happens next, and even thought my story are fantasy fiction, I still want to keep it a little realistic. Therefore I keep it as though there is the option it might not work out. It also lives the book open for the possibility of another story.

What made you want to right BDSM?
Well this is simply because I live the life. I am a real life submissive, and even thought I’ve been writing stories here and there for years, after reading 50 shades I wanted to show people what it’s really like to be a submissive. So I took my experiences and formed a story. I mixed truth with fantasy. It’s two of my favorite passions and I combined them.

What scenes do you find the hardest to write?

Well, believe it or not the BDSM sex scenes are the hardest. Purely because I want to explain every single detail of what I feel when I am in one of those scenes. To explain that feeling to someone who has ever experienced it is pretty difficult. Explaining to someone how, to me, pain can be pleasurable.

What’s your favorite book?
lol actually my favorite book isn’t an erotic book, it’s the hunger games. I could not put the book down. Suzanne Collins created something very different with this story. I love the movies just as much. I read all three books in two days.

What’s your book about?
A Taylor Made Student it’s a three part story, about a young girl called Kiera embarking on a forbidden kinky D/s relationship with her art tutor, Taylor Holloway. They try hard to keep their affair hidden, but someone finds out and threatens to ruin their lives and their relationship. Along the dark path of submission to Taylor, Kiera’s feelings grow strong, and both hers and Taylor’s secrets start seep from the cracks and back into their lives. It’s a romance BDSM erotic story which will have you squirming in your seat.

I wanted to ask what your thoughts and feelings were about BDSM as I know a lot of people have the idea that is some sort of forced torture. So can you tell us a little bit about your world of BDSM and give a little more educating to a role play scene many do not understand?
I wouldn’t say FORCED torture, but it you want torture, if that’s what you’re in to and it turns you on, then yeah torture it can be. For me it’s probably the most honest and loving relationship I have ever been in. The trust I share with my Sir is like nothing I have ever felt. We have to be honest in every sense for the D/s relationship to work. BDSM isn’t just about pain and pleasure, believe it or not there are a lot of subs out there that don’t like the pain and a lot of Dom’s that don’t like inflicting it. It’s mostly about the submission and dominance of control. Some Dom’s like to simply pleasure their sub’s, but people tend to only see the pain side of it. I won’t lie, I like the pain. It gets my blood pumping, the adrenaline surging. I like feeling scared, intimidated etc. It makes me feel alive and to then have my Sir care for me after is such a beautiful and wonderful feeling. I wouldn’t change it. I trust him to know me and my limits and he trusts me to tell him when I don’t like something, to be honest. However, most importantly… it’s consensual. Every vanilla relationship is different and that’s the same with BDSM/D’s relationships, it’s just we throw in a few extras lol. When you think about your sex life every single relationship has a little D/s in it to some degree, it’s just Sir and I take it further. I could be here forever trying to explain it, but truth be told I can’t.

white shoes on an upright pianoYour writing is very much based on some of your experiences in life, how much of it is fiction and how much is based on true events?
I would say it’s about 50/50; there are some fictional scenes but give me time, I am pretty sure they will soon become non fictional lol. I believe in writing what you know, so I took the experience I have had and put them into my book. I want it to feel real, I want people to read what it’s really like to be a submissive and living the BDSM life style. I want a person to read a story written by a real submissive and not from someone who thinks they know about kink just because they did a bit of research.

Where does Carrie Anne Ward see herself in five years time; any goals or aspirations you have set yourself?
To be a big time author of course. Watch out E L James I am coming for you. I wanna be living in New York, but I think that’s a little too over the top. Wishful thinking. I want my name to be well known in the erotic world. I want to give up my day job and write full time. I would love for one of my books to be created into a movie, but I wouldn’t allow it to be change for the film and I would pick the cast lol. Other then living my life with my Sir, still playing in the dungeon, I think the one small dream I have, is to simply see my book on the shelves.

Carrie Anne Ward grew up in the seaside resort Clacton on sea in Essex, England, with her mum and two brothers until she
was 16 years old. She then moved with her mother to Colchester (where she still lives to this day) and went on to study Art and Design at the Colchester institute. However, after recovering from the illness glandular fever, which meant she couldn’t finish her degree, she went out into the world to become a working class citizen and a glamour model on the side.

For many years she wrote story in her spare time, mostly horrors or supernatural, but never felt the passion to take it further. Her love for literature at school didn’t, at that point, over take her love of Art, but as she grew older her passion in writing surpass any other desire she ever had.

Her love for literature over the years grew excessively (mostly erotica) and when BDSM erotic books took the world by storm, she finally found the genre in which she wanted to write about. So being a real submissive, Carrie decided to take the experiences she has had and combined them with her imagination, to create a story. So at the age of 33 she fulfilled her dream to become a writer by releaseing her debut novel A Taylor Made Student, the first book of 3 from The Taylor Made Series.




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