Demystifying Dominant women & submissive men

Rhiannon Ayers 4Dominant women are probably the most misrepresented BDSM caste in erotic literature, and sub men are in the same category. Not because they don’t exist; because there is a severe disconnect between what readers think is a Dominant woman/sub man relationship and the real thing. This workshop will cover some of the stereotypes associated with Dominant women and submissive men, and compare those stereotypes to reality. We’ll discuss the ways these misconceptions have poisoned readers against Dominant women and submissive men, and we’ll discuss ways erotica authors can begin to change those misconceptions. Authors will be given some real-life examples of how Dominant women conduct themselves, and be given an opportunity to ask questions and learn from a practicing Domme. This will be an interactive presentation, since authors and participants will be encouraged to ask questions and build on discussions as they happen.


About our presenter: Rhiannon Ayers
Lady Rhiannon is the author of the For Love of Authority Series, including Demons Within, Angel Without, and Saints United. Her stories focus on submissive men in ménage relationships with one or more Dominants, including Dommes and Switches. Her experience ranges fifteen-plus years, and her specialties include sensual Dominance, public displays, mind fucks, and honor bondage. A well-known voice in the online D/s community, Lady Rhiannon seeks to destroy the common misconceptions surrounding Dominant women and submissive men, one book at a time.