Sponsors of 2016

A Big Round of Applause for this year’s sponsors! Thanks for your giveaways & your support.
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Platinum Sponsors:

Doctor Charley Ferrer, BDSM Writers Con, bondage, fetishes, kink, sex, romance drch13


Gold Sponsors:

NCSF, BDSM Writers Con, Doctor Charley Ferrer, bondage, fetishes, kink, power exchange Dungeon Delights

Silver Sponsors:


Lovers Lair, BDSM Writers Con, Charley Ferrer

Cris Anson, BDSM Writers Con, kink, bondage, Charley Ferrer
Cris Anson, Erotic Author

Bronze Sponsors:

Allena  Seattle Erotic Art Festival, BDSM Writers Con, Charley Ferrer

Friends of the Conference:

detail toys Stockroom, Charley Ferrer, BDSM Writers Con
Blue Water Distilling  naked wine sponsor
Naughty delight Rhiannon Ayers, BDSM Writers Con
cut2medesigns Caliente Club Resort, BDSM Writers Con, Dr. Charley Ferrer, Rope Bondage

Victor Tella — Snake Whips

 CE-12Male SampleCE-13Fine Fetish Art by
Captured Erotica
 Seattle - Sex Positive Culture  DSF Sponsor
 Forever Romance, BDSM Writers Con, Charley Ferrer, Cecilia Tan