Writing Polyamory: What is it & What it Isn’t

As polyamory gradually gains more recognition in popular culture, books with polyamorous relationships have also been growing in popularity. When adding a poly relationship to a novel, writers have many issues to consider in order to make the dynamics believable.

Leia Shaw, BDSM Writers Con, LGBT romance, polyamory

Leia Shaw

The presenters will define polyamory, polygamy, polyandry, ménage, swinging, and other multi-partner relationships to help writers understand the differences and write/label their books accordingly.

They will also discuss various configurations of polyamorous relationships, how to weave Dominance/submission elements into poly relationships, and the mechanics of writing sex scenes with more than two people in a way that doesn’t sprain your readers’ brains.

Sorcha Black, BDSM Writers Con, kink, polyamory, fetishes

Sorcha Black

Real life issues such as the lack of legal and social acceptance of poly relationships, as well as jealousy will also be addressed.

Presenters: Leia Shaw and Sorcha Black


Leia Shaw is the bestselling author of the paranormal romance series, Shadows of Destiny. More recently, she’s branched out into the erotic world by co-authoring the bestselling BDSM ménage Badass Brats series, which is not only known for its fun representation of the lifestyle but also loving and realistic polyamorous relationships. www.leiashaw.com and www.badassbrats.com

Sorcha Black is the co-author of the Badass Brats series and writes about kinky bisexual women in poly relationships. She became a romance writer after meeting two nefarious authors on the internet. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Sorcha enjoys tattoos and foul language. www.sorchablack.com


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