What’s in my Toy Bag? — Live Demo

Every Top [Dominant] that has been in the kinky scene past their first convention has “Their Toy Bag”. Some are quite small, others literally come in on rollers. Some can get past TSA, others defiantly not. What’s in the toy bag reflects the ambitions, and budget of the top.

My first flogger I made myself from materials I got from Home Depot. My proclivity is “impact play”. I like the feeling of using my hands, or my toys, to “inflict pleasure” onto my consenting “subject”. From hard to soft, stingy to thudy depending on my mood, I’ve got things that I like to use.

In this class I’ll take my duffle bag, I mean “Toy Bag”, from my last play party empty it out, and we’ll go through what’s in it and how it’s used. From silly (Pooh on a Stick anyone?); to safe (first aid kit, gloves, CPR mask, safety shears, etc.); plastic spatulas (look, it has a smiley face!); to an 8-foot bull whip, and exactly what is a “Septem Wattenberg Wheel”?

Volunteers will be invited from the audience to participate and Brian will be available in the dungeon.

BrianMel2013Presenters: Master Brian & slave Mel
Brian has been on a personal voyage once he realized that there is a difference between a dominating jerk and a loving master. When, after much introspection and then finding a wonderful women who said “I am willing to follow if you are willing to lead”, he was finally prepared to accept responsibility along with the authority. Brian self identifies as “‘happily monogamous”. In addition, he believes that Master is a title given, not a title taken. He is Master of his house (small as it is) and to his wonderful slave Mel and two four footed cats; that others may call him Master he takes as an honor.

Amongst his other activities he hosts the Dominants support group in Everett WA, was founding director of three Master And slave Together(TM) chapters, is currently MAsT Northwest Regional Representative, and is honored to be a member of Bridgetown Leatherman. With his slave Mel he has presented across the US, Canada, as well as Singapore and Hong Kong. Master Brian was Northwest Master 2013. Writes essays on Fetlife (www.fetlife.com) from time to time as BrianR and also contributes to AllExperts (www.allexperts.com) in the BDSM category.

Mel had a successful career as an assistant manager in Asia for a worldwide bank. Immediately prior to joining Brian in the US, she was offered a promotion to Senior Manager, well on the path to Assistant Vice President. Then Brian came along and met three of her criteria; intelligent, mature, and blue eyes. When they met on-line, both were coming out of difficult relationships, and after 7 months of on-line time together they met for the first time in October of 2006. In April of 2007 she left her good life, leaping across the pond to become Brian’s loving wife, then his committed slave. She serves him with love, respect, humor, and when appropriate and with respect, helps him to see the error of his ways.

slave Mel was Northwest slave 2013 and she is an active member of the Seattle Women in Leather, the facilitator of the Everett Submissive Group, the and Volunteer Coordinator for Leather Reign. With her Master  she has presented across the US, Canada, as well as Singapore and Hong Kong. In her day-to-day life, she is a senior at the University of Washington, Bothell studying mathematics.