Doming on a Dime

Do you think being a Dominant means you have to spend tons of money to become equipped for all your kinky delights?

Is the idea of spending $90 for a good flogger or $180 for a whip making your wallet scream in pain?

Do you think you’ll go broke before you have a kinky toy box you can be proud of?

Whether you’re looking to write a scene or just want to play on your own, this workshop helps make BDSM play available to all. In case you don’t have access to all the accoutrements of a full-blown dungeon or the money to acquire expensive toys, DrBob shows you the do’s and don’ts of shopping in the Dollar Store, home-improvement stores, flea markets and the supermarket to find items that can be re-purposed for BDSM play. See how to take inexpensive belts and make constraints your sub will have difficulty escaping. Find out what items are more dangerous than they look. And get suggestions for interesting scenes made possible by your careful, economic shopping excursions. At this price, anyone can play.

DrBob has been in the lifestyle for more than 40 years, before the term BDSM was even coined. He is not a doctor; his scene name is derived from a costume he wore for Halloween. DrBob is an avowed flea market maven and an antiques store hound as well as a patron of Dom Depot (better known as Home Depot), and is constantly on the prowl for new pervertibles he can use on his two slaves. Come craft with him!

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