Dealing with Conflict In a Power Exchange Relationship

BrianMel2013In a power exchange relationship there is a clear understanding of “who is in charge” and while this removes “the need to negotiate” common in vanilla/egalitarian conflict can, and does, still emerge. We are all human, ego’s are present in us all as well as the behavior of “what you heard is not what I said”. Brian and Mel feel that it is not about avoiding conflict but how conflict is resolved which is a measure of the character of both leader and follower.

We’ll share a brief introduction to different types of Authority Based Relationships for context. Most authors focus on the erotic aspects of BDSM (which are pretty hot) but what about “When you take it out of the bedroom and into the home?” Master speaks, slave obeys. Right? Yah, right. In fantasy, but not in reality.

Brian and Mel will discuss how conflicts arise in their relationship, how they are dealt with, and long term consequences are managed. There are times that Brian will think “What part of this M/s thing doesn’t she understand?” and times that his slave Mel thinks, well let’s not discuss that here but we will in the class.

This workshop is perfect for authors to help them obtain dialogue and plots, as well as for everyone entering or already in a D/s relationship and wanting ideas on how to resolve conflicts.

A little about our presenters:
Brian has been on a personal voyage once he realized that there is a difference between a dominating jerk and a loving master. When, after much introspection and then finding a wonderful women who said “I am willing to follow if you are willing to lead”, he was finally prepared to accept responsibility along with the authority. Brian self identifies as “‘happily monogamous”. In addition, he believes that Master is a title given, not a title taken. He is Master of his house (small as it is) and to his wonderful slave Mel and two four footed cats; that others may call him Master he takes as an honor.

Master Brian was Northwest Master 2013. Amongst his other activities he hosts the Dominants support group in Everett WA, founding director of three MAsT chapters and is honored to be a member of Bridgetown Leatherman (Portland Oregon). He is also MAsT Northwest Assistant Regional Director and is on the production team for Leather Reign. He can be seen on Fetlife from time to time as BrianR.

Mel had a successful career as an assistant manager in Asia for a worldwide bank. Her responsibility including supervising up to 25 people in the international transfers of several millions of Euros between banks each night. Immediately prior to joining Brian in the US, she was offered a promotion to Manager, well on the path to Assistant Vice President. Then Brian came along and met three of her criteria; intelligent, mature, and blue eyes. When they met on-line, both were coming out of difficult relationships, and after 7 months of on-line time together they met for the first time in October of 2006. In April of 2008 she left her good life, leaping across the pond to become Brian’s loving wife, then his committed slave. She serves him with love, respect, humor, and when appropriate and with respect, helps him to see the error of his ways.

slave Mel was Northwest slave 2013. Amongst her other activities she hosts the Submissives support group in Everett Washington, and is an active member of Seattle Women in Leather, and herds volunteers for Leather Reign. She is also a senior at the University of Washington, Bothell with an awarding of an undergraduate degree in mathematics planned for December of 2015.




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