Caning: rhythmic drumming and energy exchange

Hunter is a confident and talented Top who takes his bottom on a transcendent journey. He slowly brings your energy to the surface, as he drums his acrylic rods against your skin. As the rods dance across your body, you feel your energy and power coming through his skilled movements; you feel the presence of his body and the focused intent. Nothing else exists, just Top and bottom, and the rhythm of the music, which fuels the soul.

Comments made from recipients of Hunter’s drumming experience:

“His canes dancing across my body, feeling his energy and power coming through as he drums”

“The rhythm flows, creating an energy connection between Top and bottom.”

“The drumming feels good, like a massage, sensual sensation, made me feel all floaty”

About our presenter Hunter T. Fox:
Hunter learned about rope play while reading the letters in Penthouse magazine in the latter 1970’s. His first scene was when he tied up his girlfriend. After his military discharge, Hunter stayed in the northwest, where he learned about leather from the gay community. Although it wasn’t until the 1990’s, when Hunter discovered the Seattle leather/BDSM community, where he attended some classes and workshops. A couple years later, Hunter relocated to Los Angeles. Unable to locate a BDSM community, Hunter continued to visit Seattle and whet his appetite for kink.

While in Los Angeles, He made a trip to Seattle in 2006 to attend Wicked Womyn, an inclusive women’s conference, where he learned about Threshold Society, a premiere dungeon near where he lived. On his return, he became a member at Threshold, and there was no looking back. It was during this year when Hunter discovered the acrylic cane in the vendor area of a BDSM conference. Good with his hands, he decided that he could make quality canes that were affordable and very easy to use. Rods By Rane was born.

In 2007, Hunter earned the Southern California Leather Woman title. As SCLW 2007, he presented and demonstrated his skills in knife and fire scene play around the Los Angeles southland including The Threshold Society, LARAWW, SoCal Taster, and various SM101 classes.

Hunter made and sold acrylic ‘rods’ as they are called, but he didn’t start using them until 2008. Since then, he’s perfected certain methods with caning, and in 2014, Hunter added drumming techniques to his caning repertoire. He introduces newcomers to a variety of round and spiral acrylic rods, and accompanied by music, provides a more sensational and sensual exchange of energy. Hunter’s drumming creates an energetic vortex that draws the Top and bottom together, creating a sensual and energetic connection.

Hunter handcrafts the acrylic rods in a secret Seattle dungeon, where testing occurs. Volunteers are always welcome.


This workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to learn the basics about caning and how to conduct it properly. It’s also great for authors who wish to include this activity in their novels.

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