Erotic Whip Play (Live Demo)

Victor TellaNothing personifies the lifestyle more than the intimidating sound of a cracking whip.

Imagine your self wielding that whip (or one of your novel characters, if you’re an author). Now you can master the techniques of Erotic Whip Play with a little help from Whip Master, Victor Tella.

In this workshop, you’ll discover:

*  The different types of whips
*  How to care for your whip
*  How to use the whip for your pleasure and theirs
*  How to wrap the whip gently around your partner’s limbs
*  Where to strike for maximum effect (and where not to!)
*  Discover how to use the whip to increase the intensity of a scene
*  Learn the basics of Florentine whipping
*  And much more…

Bring your own whip to experience some Hands-On training. We will have a limited number of whips for participants to share (approximately six).  If you’d like to have a whip specially made to your specifications and favorite color(s) please contact the instructor directly.

Victor Tella is a Master Whip maker and BDSM Expert. He has graciously provided us with whips to raffle off for our inaugural conference in 2014 and for our participants in 2013. He is also providing whips for us to raffle off at BDSM Writers Con 2015 to help raise money for NCSF (National Coalition for Sexual Freedom) who is our conference charity.

Victor Tella makes his living downing what he loves best, making whips. To peruse the various whips and colors he has available and to purchase your own special single tail contact him at   ((no “s” in snaketail))

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