Publishers Panel

Selling Your BDSM Fiction and Non-fiction

Join us for a panel discussion with various publishers, editors and literary agents on how to market your BDSM short stories, novellas and novels, as well as memoirs and how-to books to the growing erotica market. Discover what editors and publishers are buying as well as predictions for the future and how to make your manuscript worthy of publication. Self-published authors will benefit from this workshop as well as discover ways to expand their market and improve their manuscripts to enable them to complete with other small press and the bigger houses.

Bonus: publisher/editor/agent appointments following immediately after workshop (12:00 to 1:30 p.m. Friday, August 19, 2016).



Treva Harte became co-owner and Editor-in -Chief of Loose Id in 2004. She holds a B.A. in English Literature from University of Arizona (high honors), a M.A. in English Literature from University of Virginia and a J.D. from University of Virginia. She is a member of the Virginia and D.C. bars. From 1988 until 2008 she was a Trademark Examining Attorney for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Treva is also multi-published with several e-publishers in print and e-book, is a member of RWA and former member of PAN, and winner of the CAPA 2003 award in the “Erotic Fantasy Romance” category.

Olivia Harper has accepted submissions and editing for Hot Ink Press (HIP) for nearly two years. In that time she has worked on many novels and has headed up four anthologies for the house. In addition, she runs a freelance editorial service. Hot Ink, part of the Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing Family, has set the erotica world on fire since the summer of 2012. HIP publishes many of today’s hottest erotic genres, up to and including IR, multicultural, contemporary, MC, BDSM, LGBTQ, and paranormal. Hot Ink is also home to many bestselling authors like Shyla Colt, LaQuette, Mish Daniels, Rue Volley, and Piper Kay. Hot Ink, where imagination takes flight.
Also attending are:
Paige Matthews Raven’s Seduction Press, 
F.Leonora Solomon Riverdale Avenue Press
Lissha Sadler — Rhys World Publishing


In the past three years, over 47 of our participating authors have received book deals as a direct result of attending BDSM Writers Con or have published their first and subsequent BDSM book(s) after attending. Imagine the possibilities for you!


Publishers Panel — 2 Comments

    • Publisher/editor/agent appointments are done immediately after the Publisher’s panel. There is no set time. You can determine which publisher present you wish to pitch to and then do so after the Panel discussion from 12 to 1:30 pm. First come/first serve basis.

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