Marketing & Promotion: An erotic Author’s Guide to Social Media (Panel Discussion)

Now that you’ve written that book and have either found a publisher to accept it or self-published it, what do you do? With so many different social media sites available now, which do you chose? How do you build a brand?

Marketing is a proverbial thorn in an author’s side. Whether self-published or traditionally published, an author needs to maintain a social media presence and also promote themselves on top of the efforts of the publishing house. This workshop will benefit authors, new and veteran alike, as we  provide ways to promote yourself and measure your efforts. We’ll also provide you with a few new ideas for events and blog tours.

This workshop will take the experience of two authors and a marketing/author guru, and show you the “need to know” points of marketing. From establishing a website and marketing yourself as a brand to which social media sites produce the most results. The workshop panel will focus on helping you promote yourself as an author and your literary works. We will also discuss how to promote yourself through blog tours, events and takeovers.

Presenters:  Paige Matthews, Laci Paige, Michael Makai, Cara Downey, and Casey Dawes


Paige Matthews, BDSM Writers Con, fetishes, kinkPaige Matthews is an Indie Author and a proud one at that. Starting her writing career over two years ago, she took her love of literature and her hobby of writing and blended them together. Currently sitting with five self-published novels and appearances in four different anthologies, she has navigated the world of self-publishing with a quick learning curve. When she is not writing, she is usually found spending time with her family or with her nose in a book.


Michael Makai, BDSM Writers Con, Warrior Princess submissives

Michael is a combat veteran and a retired senior Army non-commissioned officer with over 20 years of active military service. He has worked as a marketing consultant, banker, freelance writer, magazine publisher, and internet broadband service provider. He is an incorrigible word-maker-upperer who enjoys skiing, traveling, playing Scrabble, and raising koi. He currently resides in Wichita Falls, Texas


Laci Paige, BDSM Writers Con, romance, fetishesLaci Paige shows her dedication to her craft and especially her fans as she returns for the third year in a row to BDSM Writers Con proving there’s always more to learn in the amazing world of Dominance and submission. Laci is a wonderful fun loving person who has a wealth of creativity and playfulness to her personality. I’m sure you’ll love the stories she writes.


Cara Downey, BDSM Writers Con, kink, fetish, journalismCara Downey is a new author who’s erotic poetry puts a smile on your face and a song in your heart. She is dedicated to her readers and determined to discover as much about the lifestyle of Dominance and submission to provide realistic characters in her upcoming novels. She is a self-published author working on her new book series. Her work was also published in the First Annual BDSM Writers Con Anthology. 


Casey Dawes, BDSM Writers Con, bondage, kink Casey Dawes is a best-selling multi-published author of fiction and non-fiction works, ranging from contemporary romance to technical material on IBM software. She has edited both fiction and non-fiction material. Although not her first love, she has formatted books that have successfully made it through Smashword’s “meatgrinder” process. While her “vanilla” books are generally published by small presses, her erotic works, written under several pseudonyms, are all self-published and average over 300 sales a month. Her marketing experience stems from her years as a technical consultant, working with small business owners to improve sales, and, of course, book sales.

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