DISCOVERING DOMINANCE: A Guide for the Dominant Novice

Sir Guy, BDSM Writers Con, bondage, kink, fetishes, leather competitionMany and varied are the guides and resources for those who are new to the submissive lifestyle, but those who are new to the Dominant side appear to have limited avenues to explore. Are the expectations for the Dominant in relationships higher? Should they be? What types of skills are essential? Are they physical skills, like flogging, using the single tail whip, or rope bondage? Is there something deeper, more complicated than that? Sir Guy will discuss the physical, spiritual and psychological dimensions of Dominance as well as sharing his personal journey, mistakes and all. Topics include the attributes of leadership, command presence and other poignant aspects using military, religious and business sources and models to explore and develop Dominance for the beginner.  By attending this class, authors will get insight into the development of the Dominant personality in BDSM, the journey one takes into Dominance and the attributes and characteristics of one who identifies as Dominant in order to allow them to create plot lines and character traits that will lend their characters authenticity and move their stories forward. Both authors and readers will discover the various nuances of what it means to be a Dominant.

Sir Guy lives a Dominant lifestyle, identifying as both an Owner and a Daddy. He has been Sir Guy 2publicly active in the BDSM scene for over a decade. He is an Emeritus Member of the Board of Directors of The Eulenspiegel Society (TES), its media representative, and Chair of their Community Relations Committee. Sir Guy is the winner of the 2014 Beyond Leather Community Achievement Award as well as the 2005 TES Dominant Men/submissive women’s Literary Contest. He is the author of a uniform themed erotic collection featuring people of color entitled “Sharp Interrogations: Erotic Tales of Uniform Discipline.”


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