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BDSM WRITERS CON 2015 is the definitive conference for everyone interested in writing about or exploring the world of Dominance and submission. Below is an outline of the various workshops and Live Demos which will be presented during 2015. Though there are a handful of workshops geared specifically toward authors, every workshops contains valuable information on Dominance and submission that readers and writers will enjoy.

Various Live Demos will be taught by BDSM Lifestyle Experts. These Live Demos depict realistic variations of BDSM activities and play scenes. Every workshops is open to all participants–whether you are a reader or author. Click on the title of the workshop for full details and presenter information.

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BDSM Play — How & why we do what we do (Live Demo)
BDSM Expert provides an introductory examination of BDSM play from the physical and psychological perspectives. Play scenes encompass a wide variety of aspects such as different dynamics, connection and control. Play scenes can be long or short. They can be gentle or rough. They can be physical, incorporating elements of bondage, impact, pain, and edge play. Or they can be entirely physiological, involving just you and your play partner’s minds.
Presenter: Eric Pride


BDSM Toys (Live Demo)
Join Bo Blaze as he teaches you some Basic and Advanced techniques on floggers, whips, canes, paddles and other implements of erotic torture. You’ll discover basic safety tips including, “where to hit” and more importantly “where not to hit” on your submissive’s body to ensure safe play and erotic delights. You’ll also discover how to create a BDSM scene and how you layers your play to increase the intensity of your interactions turning a basic scene into a more intense and higher level. Bo with provide various interactions with his submissive to teach you what BDSM and service looks like with the use of various D/s toys. Information on safety, structure, and accountability of both parties (Dominant and submissive) will also be discussed.
Presenter: Bo Blaze


Doms are from Mars, Subs are from Venus
BDSM fiction provides a unique opportunity to look deeply into the dynamic of communication and exchange of power that takes place between a dominant and a submissive. This workshop is aimed at writers and readers who want to understand that complex dynamic and how that understanding can enrich the stories we tell. Doms and subs have different modes of communication and sometimes even vastly different interpretations of what they say or do: in both real life and fiction it’s crucial to tease apart these differences and it’s crucial to convey to readers each character’s intent. Miscommunications take place between doms and subs all the time when they misread each other’s intentions: come learn some of the common pitfalls and breakdown points that BDSM practitioners struggle with in real life and use them to expand your own understanding of the dynamic and/or discover new conflicts to put your characters through.
Presenter: Cecilia Tan


DISCOVERING DOMINANCE: A Guide to the Dominant Novice
Many and varied are the guides and resources for those who are new to the submissive lifestyle, but those who are new to the Dominant side appear to have limited avenues to explore. Are the expectations for the Dominant in relationships higher? Should they be? What types of skills are essential? Are they physical skills, like flogging, using the single tail whip, or rope bondage? Is there something deeper, more complicated than that? Sir Guy will discuss the physical, spiritual and psychological dimensions of Dominance as well as sharing his personal journey, mistakes and all. Topics include the attributes of leadership, command presence and other poignant aspects using military, religious and business sources and models to explore and develop Dominance for the beginner. By attending this class, authors will get insight into the development of the Dominant personality in BDSM, the journey one takes into Dominance and the attributes and characteristics of one who identifies as Dominant in order to allow them to create plot lines and character traits that will lend their characters authenticity and move their stories forward. Both authors and readers will discover the various nuances of what it means to be a Dominant.
Presenter: Sir Guy


Dominant women & submissive men (Panel Discussion)
Discover the beauty of a relationship between a Dominant women and her submissive or slave partner. Are the boundaries the same as their counter parts (Dominant men and submissive women)? Discover the amazing nuances inherent in these unique relationships and how submissive men flourish. Participants are encouraged to ask questions of both the Dominant women or their submissives concerning any aspect of their relationship including boundaries, protocols and rituals, punishments, rewards and more. Writers will discover how to create better more realistic characters of alpha male submissives and what they seek in their relationships and how surrendering leads to greater fulfillment. This is a panel discussion with several couples who share these unique desires.
Presenters: Dominant women & submissive men couples


A Dom Is Not Just an Alpha Stalker in Leather
here are complex and valid reasons why female readers may choose to fantasize about a range of non-consensual scenarios in romance novels, from the classic “kidnapped into a sheik’s harem” to the currently popular “fated to be an alpha werewolf’s mate” and “met a billionaire who won’t take no for an answer.” But I feel it’s very important to distinguish between fantasy scenarios and depictions of real life. While the lines that are crossed in fiction may fall in a different place than they do in real life, acknowledgement that lines and boundaries exist is the first step is important. Where will our kinky heroes of the future fit in the pantheon of romance archetypes? These fantasy archetypes are “safe” fantasies for women to indulge precisely because they are NOT real life. And when it comes to real life BDSM, how do those archetypes present themselves in dungeon role-playing? In the real BDSM community, Doms who come across as pushy assholes or stalkers rarely last. When asked what qualities they valued in a Dominant, subs I surveyed used words like nurturing, competent, and loyal. We’ll discuss the many flavors of Dom and the many types of romance heroes whose kinky sides can be explored.
Presenter: Cecilia Tan


The Eroticism of Fire Play (Live Demo)
Fire Play is considered Edge Play because of it’s high potential for danger and extreme injuries. Yet with the danger comes the thrill. Fire Play is also one of the most erotic forms of play in the BDSM lifestyle. It requires skill and at times, nerves of steel. It is one activity that requires skill and training to ensure the safety of both the Dominant and the submissive. Discover the ways fire entices, engulfs, and entrances.
Presenter: TBA — For safety reasons, this workshop is conducted at the BDSM Club


Erotic Whip Play (Live Demo)
Nothing personifies the lifestyle more than the intimidating sound of a cracking whip. Imagine your self wielding that whip (or one of your novel characters). Now you can master the techniques of erotic whip play by training from a Whip Master. In this workshop, you’ll discover: the different types of whips, how to care for your whip, ow to use the whip for your pleasure and theirs.
Presenter: Victor Tella


Kink 101 — The Naked Truths about BDSM
BDSM and Dominance & submission seem to be everywhere. In the latest books. In movies. In many magazines and ads. Yet what is it really? What is the different between being dominant or submissive? Why are people drawn to this lifestyle? Are love, respect & connection present in these types of relationships or are individuals who participate in them pathological? Why does one person yearn to surrender and another thrill at controlling their lover? We’ll briefly touch on the basics of Dominance and submission and work our way up to the erotic heart of the power exchange. Discover the various aspects of creating realistic protocols and rituals for your relationships (and characters) to ensure your scenes are intoxicatingly erotic. BDSM is not merely physical it’s about capturing your partner’s imagination, unearthing their emotional connections and establishing a trust that lasts through every deliciously wicked and intense interaction.
Presenter: Dr. Charley Ferrer


Kinky Confessional
Have you always wanted to be spanked? Flogged? Made to kneel at a Dom’s feet, collared and leashed? Bound in beautifully woven ropes that slide against your naked flesh? Or does the thought of tying up a submissive fill you with glee? Do you want to put your partner in chains? In pain?
Now is the time to tell…come closer…whisper it in our ears! A party for both readers and writers with some of the hottest names in kink fiction! Attendees will anonymously write down their kinkiest fantasies and put them in our Confessional Box (find the box pre-party on our promo table)—something they’ve never done but have always wanted to try…or maybe something they have tried and can’t stop thinking about. The hosts will collect and read them aloud, then discuss the fantasy—and of course, we’ll admit if it’s something we’ve done! create a kinky fantasy reading list for everyone to indulge in at home.
Presenters: Miranda Baker, Jennifer Kacey, and Robin L. Rotham


Marketing & Promotion: An erotic Author’s Guide to Social Media
Marketing is a proverbial thorn in an author’s side. Whether self-published or traditionally published, an author needs to maintain a social media presence and also promote themselves on top of the efforts of the publishing house. This workshop will benefit authors, new and veteran alike, as we provide ways to promote yourself and measure your efforts. We’ll also provide you with a few new ideas for events and blog tours.
Presenters: Paige Matthews, Laci Paige, Michael Makai, and Cara Downey


Publishers Panel
Join us for a panel discussion with various publishers, editors and literary agents on how to market your BDSM short stories, novellas and novels, as well as memoirs and how-to books to the growing erotica market. Discover what editors and publishers are buying as well as predictions for the future and how to make your manuscript worthy of publication. Self-published authors will benefit from this workshop as well as discover ways to expand their market and improve their manuscripts to enable them to complete with other small press and the bigger houses. Bonus: publisher/editor/agent appointments following immediately after workshop (12:00 to 1:30 p.m. Friday, August 21, 2015).
Presenters: Lori Perkins, Facilitator


Rope Bondage (Live Demo)
Are you dying to tie someone up but don’t know the difference between a granny knot and a half hitch? Are you a writer and want to learn the basics to enable you to write a great bondage scene? Then look no further. This workshop will be a combination of a live demonstration and hands-on education on Bondage Basics.
Presenter: Ramon


Screenwriting & BDSM Films
Lights. Camera. Action! With the popularity of 50 Shades and the movie, Hollywood will be looking for more novels and screenplays with a BDSM storyline. Have you ever wanted to turn your novel into a movie? Do you have an idea for a screenplay you want to write but aren’t sure what to do or how to go about marketing it? Do you have a screenplay ready but want to improve it a bit? Join Marilyn Horowitz author & creator of “The Four Magic Questions of Screenwriting” and “How to write a screenplay in 10 weeks” for this intensive workshop on creating your own screenplay.
Presenter: Marilyn Horowitz


Self-Publishing: You’ve written a book, now what?
With the advent of self-publishing and Indie authors making up a significant market share these days, it’s better than ever to try your hand at self-publishing. This workshop will touch on the basics of self-publishing from editors, to formatters, to cover art. Participants will have a sneak peak into the options available to them regarding the Indie world. Tips on how to brand yourself, build a presentable book and the avenues available will be presented. A more detailed look into the pros and cons of each will be available in a handout.
Presenter: Paige Matthews


Sensual Steel (Live Demo)
This is an introduction to the art of erotic Knife Play
. Whether novice or experienced, learn to incorporate knives into your scenes using knives solely or as a tool to elicit the desired response. We’ll also discuss the care and cleaning of your blades both in and out of the dungeon, safety tips to minimize risk to you and your partner, as well as aspects of the law you need to know. So come let the steel seduce you regardless of which end of the blade you’re on. Join our BDSM Expert for this amazing workshop.
Presenter: Nauttiboy


Violet Wand – I Do What With Electricity in the Bedroom? (LIVE DEMO)
The Violet Wand is a toy that can be used in the bedroom and elsewhere. This toy, tool, has been around for over a hundred years. This workshop will teach participants about the history of the Violet Wand and what it was used for. Participants will discover how the Violet Wand can transition into our sex life and BDSM play. You will learn the different types of Violet Wands and why you might want one or the other. You’ll discover various attachments and other add-ons that spice up your play. Discover the sensuous side side of the Violet Wand as well as the painful side, and much, much more! Discover how to use yourself as a conduit for sensual electricity and much more. This is a hands-on LIVE Demo. Audience participation is encouraged. Traveling Fool will be your guide and help you have some hands on fun. Come learn, experience, and be a convert to the Magic of the Wand!
Presenters: Traveling Fool & Maryann


Warrior Princess Submissive
Think: Xena, the Warrior Princess, kneeling at the feet of Hercules. This definitely isn’t a woman in a precarious predicament waiting helplessly for her White Knight to arrive and slay a dragon for her. This was a woman who, as she is kicking the dragon’s ass, smiles at the White Knight standing on the sidelines and says, “Hey, buddy! Feel free to jump right in and lend your sword to this fight. Otherwise, stay the hell out of my way!” This workshop covers the following topics and much, much more: Is she a new breed of sub, or a stealth sub who has been with us all along?; What makes her tick, and why contemporary women can and do relate to her?; Why the world thinks she is a Domme, and why any of that matters?;Why she truly is the hope and salvation of the BDSM lifestyle from political correctness; and much more.
Presenter: Michael Makai


Live BDSM Demonstrations

All live demonstrations will be conducted by BDSM Lifestyle Practitioners who have several years experience in those techniques.These individuals are not performers. They are men and women who embrace the Dominance and submission lifestyle. Due to safety issues some workshops will be conducted at the BDSM Club.


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