How to Make the USA Today or New York Times Bestseller Lists — Without an Agent or Publisher!

Kallypso MastersAlways Indie (self-published with original-content, never published works), USA Today bestselling author Kallypso Masters will share how she made that bestseller list within 13 months of self-pubbing her first novel by being Domme about her career and her creativity and not using an agent or publisher.

Her avid fans assure her that, by the time this workshop convenes, they will have catapulted her onto the New York Times list. Kally will share strategies she’s used to navigate the key social media sites, build your readership platform, and develop the word-of-mouth needed to continue to grow your platform.

In addition, she’ll share marketing, advertising, and promotion tips for even the smallest of budgets. As an added bonus, she’ll tell you how to game the Amazon system to make their bestseller lists, as well, even with books published two years earlier. She will leave ample time to answer questions from the audience. You can submit your question in advance to and give her time to do research, if necessary, or just play “stump the indie” the day of the workshop!

Bestselling author Kallypso Masters writes emotional, realistic Romance novels with dominant men and the women who bring them to their knees. Her real-to-life BDSM themed Rescue Me series has opened a dialogue with many readers new to the genre—and the lifestyle she loves to write about. For more, go to her web site



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