H.O.T. – Hands Only Torture (Live Demo)

ipe6If one were to read any of the BDSM based novels or watch BDSM themed movies one would think that you’d have to have a fat bank account to consider playing in that world.  But you don’t!

Sir Guy and his girl, karida are going to show you how there are plenty of things, from spanking to sensory stimulation, from the sensuous to the sadistic, that can be done with the hands alone that can bring about a mutually satisfying experience.  This class is hands on and encourages audience participation!

Presenters: Sir Guy and karida

Sir Guy and Karida are the International Power Exchange 2013 title holders and represented the New York Metro Power Exchange community. They have over 20 years experience in the BDSM and Leather lifestyle. They are active in several organizations including The Eulenspiegel Society (TES), the oldest and largest BDSM support and education organization in the country where Sir Guy is an emeritus board member and media representative and Karida is a volunteer and committee vice chair.

Karida is a leather/latex/bootblack/little girl and Sir Guy is a uniform enthusiast with a bend toward the psychological aspects of BDSM as well as a BDSM educator and erotica author. They have a Daddy/girl non-age play relationship. Sir Guy is a native New Yorker while Karida was transplanted from the Florida scene where she began her journey in earnest.

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