Sensual Steel: The Art of Erotic Knife Play — LIVE DEMO

Ian -- Nautti Boy

Sensual Steel is an introduction to the art of erotic Knife Play.

Whether novice or experienced, learn to incorporate knives into your scenes using knives solely or as a tool to elicit the desired response. We’ll also discuss the care and cleaning of your blades both in and out of the dungeon, safety tips to minimize risk to you and your partner, as well as aspects of the law you need to know. So come let the steel seduce you regardless of which end of the blade you’re on.

NauttiBoy is a new face with an old soul. He has been exploring kink for many years now, from bottom to Top (and a few places in between). He views everyday as an opportunity to try or learn something new, and loves to share his knowledge and experience with whomever he comes in contact with.

NauttiBoy has taught in the beauty industry as an International Platform Artist for over a decade, visiting countries all over the world. He now brings his art and talents to share with our community. He has presented at both TES (The Eulenspiegel Society) and the IronBell Academy, as well as LIFE in Nassau and APeX (Albany Power Exchange). NauttiBoy has also presented at conventions such as The Floating World 2012, Brimstone III & IV and WinterFire 2014. He may be very “nautti”, but he plays so well with others!



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