Building Your Publicity Media Book

Debra Hyde author photo


Ever wonder how publicists work their magic?

It begins with a good media book!

Before the Internet, media books listed print, radio, and television outlets. Today, it’s more likely to reflect social media, websites, podcasts, and on-line magazine outlets. Adapting tactics she used as a publicist before the Internet’s widespread availability, Debra will show you how to compile media lists to secure book reviews, blog interviews, how and where to send publicity announcements, and how to pitch to podcasts. She’ll show you what she pours into her media book, how she builds and maintains relationships with media contacts, and how she scours for new opportunities. She’ll also address strategies of how “out” one might need to be when seeking visibility as a BDSM author.

Debra Hyde is a Lambda Literary award-winning author, recognized for her BDSM novel, Story of L. A modern retelling of the classic Story of O, L updates the original tale to reflect the contemporary lesbian leather world and the women in it. She now pens the newly-released Charlotte Olmes Mystery Series, which re-imagines the famous Holmes/Watson cohorts as lesbian women in 1880s New York City just as the Gilded Age and its social and scientific advances take hold. Debra is a contributing author to the ground-breaking interactive erotic Entwined series, penning two lesbian novellas for it, Hers and Provenance. Her short fiction backlist spans over a decade of writing and will be re-released as mini-collections in ebook during 2014.

Debra is nearing her twenty-year anniversary in BDSM scene. For sixteen of those years, she was an owned submissive and although her master “aged out” of dominance in his senior years, they’re still attached to each other and still playing. Devotion is ever-lasting.

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