Workshops and Live Demos

BDSM Writers Con is the ONLY conference in the WORLD dedicated to educating authors and readers of dominance and submission!

We strive to bring you the best educational workshops and LIVE Demos possible. We offer workshops on Dominance and submission for beginners/novice, as well as advanced and edgy LIVE demonstrations taught by BDSM experts that are perfect for authors and readers alike. We also offer marketing and writing skills workshops taught by veteran authors with a particular focus on writing and selling BDSM novels. Check out the upcoming workshops for our upcoming BDSM Writers Con and start planning your attendance today. Use our EASY payment plan options for registration.

To view the workshops offered, click on the link below

BDSM 9.0 — The Basics & Beyond 

The 1950’s Power Exchange Dynamic in Modern Society

Protocols, Rituals and Contracts

Erotic Rope Bondage Live Demo

Sudden Impact Live Demo

Shibari — Rope Bondage Live Demo

Violet Wand Live Demo

CaningLive Demo

Taste of Dominance —  SM Exploratorium Live Demo

April 8, 2018