Dominance – Taking the Leading Role

What is dominance?

Is it physical?

Is a Dominant someone who always punishes their slave or submissive? Keeps them in check? Is mean? Is the drill sargent yelling and screaming till the submissive/slave breaks?

Is it mental? Does being Dominant mean that you have control over everything your submissive or slave does, including their thoughts and feelings?

Is being Dominant 24/7 or can it be occasional–some thing you can turn it on and off?

Is it play or reality?

In this session, we will explore what it is to be Dominant from the perspective of a long time female Dominant. Mary Ann will discuss what dominance is to her and how she incorporates it into her life and into her play. Participants are encouraged to bring their own experiences and questions of dominance in their world and BDSM play. This class will be interactive and class participation and interaction will be strongly encouraged.

Mary Ann has been involved in public BDSM for over twenty years and is a former Board Member and Secretary to TES (the oldest and largest BDSM group in the Northern Hemisphere). She is a dominant sadist who always has a ready smile. She is known as the “Sweet and Innocent Domme.”