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This BDSM TeleSeminar provides all the information you need to get started and enhance your Dominance and submission relationships!

This Teleseminar is for anyone interested in learning about Dominance and submission, as well as those that are already in the lifestyle and wish to enhance their relationships.   

It’s imperative to understand the vast complexities of the power exchange relationship to ensure it lasts.

Here’s your chance to be privy to actual D/s

lifestyletips and tricks which will enhance your BDSM

relationships and enable you to plan scenes, explore

the various depths of emotional and physical play, and

learn from America’s BDSM Expert. 

Novice and the curious seeker will learn valuable tips on how to interact with others, stay safe while exploring and where to get further education and experience in their local area. With Dr. Charley Ferrer as your guide, you will discover a new world of sensual freedom you’ve only ever dreamt possible.

Step out of the closet and into your sensual awakening!

This one-of-a-kind weekly Teleseminar provides valuable information. It’s not for everyone. It’s only for those men and women who desire to take control of their life and their sensuality.  Find out about our next Teleseminar below:


    Why this forum and Teleseminar matters to you?

  • We will discuss Dominance and submissive in great detail as well as the emotional and psychological connections individuals make in this lifestyle.
  • Perfect for those individuals more comfortable in just listening and not participating openly.
  • Assistance with your current relationships and discovery.
  • Allows you to pose questions and participate in ongoing live discussions.
  • Valuable ongoing question and answer sessions.
  • Group members are encouraged to provide their opinions and share their knowledge.
  • A discussion of a different D/s topic each week to assist you in understanding this complex lifestyle.

A weekly Teleseminar will be held on Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. EST where we will review any questions and discuss specific topics on BDSM, polyamory, ménage, relationships and more.

Teleseminars last approximate 60-90 minutes depending on content.

There will be a recording of the Teleseminar made for your convenience in case you can’t attend the live event.  

This is a critical investment in

your sensual future!

  Don’t want to wait?

First week FREE 

Take advantage of this powerful opportunity

Hosted by America’s BDSM Expert, Dr. Charley Ferrer 
First Week free! There after only $47 a month. Less then the price of a weekly cup of coffee.
Due to the content and explicit nature of this group, no one under the age of 19 years is allowed. By joining you attest that you are at least 19 years of age.