Newsletter October 13, 2014

Hi everyone, Just a quick reminder that the Special Conference price of $200 expires at midnight on October 15. Feel free to use our easy payment plan of $20 a month ($35 for Featured Authors) to save $50 off the … Continue reading

Newsletter BDSM Writers Con 10/5/2014

Hi everyone, Hope you’re staying warm as the temperature begins to drop and the beauty of fall begins to enfold us. I’m hoping to be able to bring you great news every week about what’s going on behind the scenes … Continue reading

BDSM Writers Con Re-Cap August 28, 2014

Hi there, Grab a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage as this recap is a little long; but then, BDSM Writers Con was an extraordinary event full of activities, Mix & Mingles, and world-class education provided by all our … Continue reading

BDSM Writers Con Newsletter August 17, 2014

Hi everyone, BDSM Writers Con is almost here. Just three days away, or less pending on when you read this email. I’m so excited about all the awesome events, Mix & Mingles and workshops we have lined up for you. … Continue reading

BDSM Writers Con Newsletter July 29, 2014

Can you believe we have only 23-days before BDSM Writers Con? With every day that it gets closer and closer, my heart speeds up a little more. I’m greatly looking forward to meeting you all in person and sharing this … Continue reading

Newsletter July 18, 2014

Hi all, I’m thrilled to announce that Michael, the owner of Paddles BDSM Club and Sir Viktor from DomsubFriends will be hosting our Thursday night Author/Reader Mix & Mingle. Sir Viktor will be provide a lite fare for us to … Continue reading

Newsletter June 30, 2014

Hi everything, We’ve got some great news about our Wednesday night “Unofficial Kick-off” for BDSM Writers Con. Mark Weiser from SHAKE RATTLE & ROLL Dueling Pianos has graciously added an additional performance to his schedule so we can have our … Continue reading

BDSM Writers Con Newsletter — June 21, 2014

Hi everyone, By now you know who our BDSM Book Contest Finalists are; however, I’ll announce them once again, just to give them another shout out as we keep our fingers and toes crossed for them and wish their books … Continue reading

Hi all, We have some great updates for you this week beginning with the announcement of our BDSM Book Contest Finalists. Our Contest Committee has selected the best BDSM stories from all our entries and we’ve send the manuscripts on … Continue reading

BDSM Writers Con Newsletter June 9, 2014

Hi everyone, We have some great updates for you this week. I’ve listed them below for easy reference. New Featured Authors: Check out our new Featured Author Cherie Noel.  Private—Secret Facebook Group for participants We created a private Facebook group … Continue reading

May 11, 2014

Hi everyone, Happy Mother’s Day to all for those that are mom’s and those that have them. This past week, I invited everyone that was registered for the conference to our PRIVATE – SECRET GROUP on Facebook. You should have … Continue reading

Newsletter April 27, 2014

Hi everyone, Every week our Conference Committee goes out looking for new goodies to provide our participants. This week, we want to share with you some amazing news. We’ve partnered up with Caliente Resorts & Spas to bring you a … Continue reading

Newsletter — April 13, 2014

Hi everyone, This week, I want to share a little information about Rick Storer, the director of the Leather Archives & Museum in Chicago who will be presenting a workshop on the history of Leather.  Rick will also bring a … Continue reading

Newsletter Updates — March 30, 2014

Hi Dear Friends, I wanted to provide you with some amazing updates which happened this week concerning BDSM Writers Con. First, I want to update you on some fabulous authors who have joined us: Susan Wright, Tessie Bradford, and Jenny … Continue reading

BDSM Writers Con — Newsletter — February 3, 2014

Hi all, What an amazing weekend. Can you believe we’re in February already? No one says Happy New Year anymore but hey, we can say, “Happy New York!” since we’re looking forward to greeting you when you join us for … Continue reading