Below are a few resources we use and highly recommend which you may find beneficial for your various needs.


Logo IopDr. Charley Ferrer is a world renowned Clinical Sexologist and American’s BDSM Expert. She provide Mentorships Programs and counseling on relationships and sexuality issues in both English & Spanish. Visit her websites to obtain further information on sexual health and relationships. or
Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store
Sex Toys – Sex toys, vibrators, dildos and masturbators from Our adult shop offers completely FREE standard shipping on $59+ orders. Shop our comprehensive collection of adult toys for men, women and couples. Explore sex positive world with our toy reviews and friendly sex guides.

speakpipe_dark125h125_1 A great way to have fans, followers and customers leave you a quick message on your website. Not just for podcasts, it’s good for websites as well. It also allows you to respond with a quick voice mail of your own. Just love that feature. And don’t worry that you’ll get “foolish voice mails”. Caller have to leave their name and email for easy identification. Check it out and tell us what you think!
Dungeon DelightsDungeon Delights is an amazing vendor of quality steel bondage equipment and dungeon irons. All items are hand. Please join us in thanking Dungeon Delights’ owner who provides items to give away during workshops and events.
Bullwhips, Bullwhip, Bull whip, Bull Whips by America's #1 Whip Maker Victor Tella


Victor Tella is makes Quality Whips. To obtain his world class Bullwhips and Single Tails
plus much more visit his website




Bondage --woman

Capture Erotica produces spectacular erotic images and provided several of the pictures for our book cover, BDSM for Writers, and in several pictures noted on our website. Contact them for private bookings of your own to share with your loved one or create your own portfolio.



Fetish Tribe
Fetish Tribe provides BDSM Party Events for men and women interested in have a fun night out with friends and lovers in
New York City
DSF Sponsor

DomSubFriends is a group which provides education, workshops, and members only parties to individuals who are interested or curious about the Dominance and submission lifestyle.



kscart1Looking for a great shopping cart for your site, look no further. I highly recommend KickStartCart. It’s what I use!
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