BDSM Relationships Panel (Live Demo)

This is a  BDSM Relationships Panel to discuss the various nuances of Dominance and submission in the various relationships from Daddy/little girl, two Dominants together, Dominant women/sub men, and more.

Many people are familiar with Dominance and submission or Master/slave when it comes to consensual power exchange relationships, but is it really that simple?

Do all power exchange relationships fit nicely into those two little boxes?

Come discover for yourself and receive some insight into what individuals who’ve been living this unique lifestyle have to say.

Presenters: Viktor & Lyn, Lady Sabrina, karida  (facilitated by karida)


karidaKarida is helping to facilitate this panel. She is a Daddy’s girl, a little girl, a Leather girl, and an enthusiastic boot black living in NYC.  She is the IPE (International Power Exchange) 2013 titlist with Sir Guy.  Karida is member of TES, MAsT Metro NY, part of the Feel Me Breathe family, minion of The Dark Lair, and member for life of W.O.L.F. (Women of Leather Florida).  Karida has presented/co-presented for local, regional, and national organizations of on non-traditional power & authority exchange dynamics. She has a passion for leather and preserving its history. She is proud to be a part of the Leather Women – A photographic Documentary, co-founder of “Leather Voices of NYC” an oral history project recording and preserving NYC’s Leather, BDSM, and fetish history. She is continually looking to share with and learn from others

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