Newsletter November 8, 2015

With Halloween now over and our bellies full of candy and all the make-up and costumes washed off and put away, it’s time to get ready for the upcoming holiday season and all the joy it’ll bring…nope not gonna look at the craziness that comes with it. With that in mind, I want to offer you a fun playful challenge that will put a smile on your face and provide hours of fun with friends.

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Naughty Gingerbread SM Barn

About fifteen years ago, my mentor turned me on to the traditions of making gingerbread house for the holidays. Since then, I’ve enjoyed myself immensely creating them for others and inviting friends over to create them with me. Over the years, I’ve added a little twist to these gingerbread houses and now I throw a party where everyone creates their own NAUGHTY gingerbread house. To show how creative some of my friends have been, please review the pictures. The best part is spending time with friends and letting your imagination and the wine flow. Some of the most memorable creations were, the SM Barn, The Torture Chamber (it’s amazing what happens to those gingerbread men),   The X-Men, An Erotic Museum with naughty pictures on the gingerbread walls, and even a Whore House. You should have seen what happened in the F**king Penguin’s House. Your imagination is the limit…as is your guest’s. So send the kiddies to bed and let the adults out to play. Don’t forget to warn your cohorts there is a penalty for anyone who creates a “vanilla house.” It gets mashed and eaten. Hey…everyone needs sugar, right?

So here’s a fun playful challenge for you: create your own Naughty Gingerbread House between now and December 25 and you’ll receive a special prize. Of course, we’ll need to have a picture of your fabulous creation to share and post on our website. Send your pictures to us here.

Now to share some spectacular news; BDSM Writers Con Anthology 2015 has been Naughty G-man in chastitynominated for THREE awards. I have listed them below:

  • Popular Culture Associations — Emily Toth Award
  • Popular Culture Associations — Susan Koppelman Award for Best Anthology
  • National Leather Association-International for the Samois Award

If you haven’t obtained your copy of our 2015 Anthology, you’re missing out. To order your print or eBook copy and discover why the stories are so completing they’re turning heads and being nominated for various awards, use the link below. You’ll receive a special discount when ordering directly from us or get your copy at Amazon. And please remember to write a review on Amazon to help us continue to spread the word about this sensually evocative book.

Bonus Offer: Register for BDSM Writers Con by Thanksgiving and be entered to win a designer set of cuffs from Dungeon Delights. For those already registered not to worry, you’re entered as well. (Value $72)

BDSM Writers Con, X-men, Charley Ferrer, kink, bondage

Our version of the X-man

Keep an eye out for more offers and fun giveaways during this holiday season.

Live with passion,

Dr. Charley Ferrer

BDSM Writers Con — Everett Featured Authors:
Tiffany Reisz, Cris Anson, Rhiannon Ayers, Rose C. Carole, Dr. Charley Ferrer, Mike Makai, Arlee Scoot, JM Schroder, and Marie Tuhart.

BDSM Writers Con — New York City Featured Authors:
Sierra Cartwright, Cris Anson, Christie Adams, Rhiannon Ayers, Rose C. Carole, Dr. Charley Ferrer, Arlee Scott, Di Storm, Cecilia Tan


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