November 1, 2015

Hi there,

I wanted to take a moment to personally invite you to join us for BDSM Writers Con 2016.

Whether you select to attend our first west coast conference in Everett Washington or our New York City conference (or both), you’ll be thrilled by all the new workshops and activities we have planned. As an added bonus, if you join us for both conferences you’ll receive your second Featured Author status FREE. This is where we work hard to help market you to our media contacts and promote you to participants as well as our social media and newsletter members.

We have a lot of new workshops planned for 2016. We’ve even thrown in a few edgier demos as well. For those of you writing military scenes or edgier stories, you’ll love our Interrogation and Caning workshops. Eric Pride is also joining us to teach you how to incorporate some simple MindF**ks into your stories to spice them up.

Should I mentioned the fact that in Everett the Dungeon is coming to us at the hotel and in NYC we’ll be renting out a dungeon and bringing in a few of our friends to let you play and explore the night away.

As you know, every year BDSM Writers Con gets better and better and it’s never the same experience twice!  If you loved it before imagine how you’ll feel after you attend 2016.

Here’s an added bonus:  we have created a BDSM Writers Forum where you can share information with other conference authors as well as learn more about BDSM. Once a month I will host a Live Chat where you can ask questions about any topic or discuss a new project. This Forum is yours absolutely FREE. It’s part of our expansion to the Author Buddy Program and a wonderful way for you to stay connected with other authors, find a mentor,   share info on what publishers are looking for, and all those little tidbits we need to make publishing fun. This group is specifically for authors and aspiring authors only who have attended BDSM Writers Con or are registered to attend. Contact us for the link.

Register now for BWC 2016 and be entered to win a beautiful set of metal cuffs from Dungeon Delights valued at $72. You can even take advantage of our easy payment plan.

Questions, please contact me.

Live with passion,

Dr. Charley Ferrer



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