Newsletter Updates — March 30, 2014

Hi Dear Friends,

I wanted to provide you with some amazing updates which happened this week concerning BDSM Writers Con.

First, I want to update you on some fabulous authors who have joined us: Susan Wright, Tessie Bradford, and Jenny Cepeda.

Susan Wright is not only an author she’s also the founder of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF); more on NCSF in a moment. Tessie Bradford is a BDSM author who affectionately calls her hubby, “the Head of Research & Development” for her books. Both will be signing book on Sunday. Jenny Cepeda is another author who will be joining us. This will be Jenny’s second year attending our event. Jenny attended last year when we were still called, “BDSM for Writers 3-Day Intensive Workshops.” I’m thrilled she’s returning.

For some more wonderful news: the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom has become one of BDSM Writers Con major sponsor. If you do not know NCSF, let me tell you a little about their amazing efforts on our behalf. NCSF was instrumental in having “consensual” BDSM taken off the DSM-5’s list of mental diseases. Now, those that practice consensual Dominance and submission no longer need to fear they’ll be diagnosed with a mental disorder (as gays and lesbians were twenty-thirty years ago.)  DSM stands for the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual—it’s what psychologist and medical providers use when diagnosing mental illness. Consensual BDSM has now been relegated to a new section considered “a paraphilia not in need of treatment.”

NCSF is also spearheading the Consent Counts initiative. If you don’t know about this initiative, in a nutshell, they are fighting to “decriminalize” consensual BDSM practices. In case you didn’t know, in many states, it is illegal to participate in BDSM activities even if it is consensual.

NCSF will be conducting two workshops during BDSM Writers Con: Consent Counts and BDSM & The Law. I definitely recommend attending. I know I will.

Did you hear? Cosmo Magazine will be attending and writing an article about BDSM Writers Con. They will also conduct interviews during the conference. Yes, we will have media representatives at the conference and of course, we’ll be doing a few interviews of our own.

If you haven’t noticed, we announced the information on our host hotel—The Roosevelt in Manhattan. The Roosevelt Hotel is an amazing hotel with old world charm and many modern conveniences. Not to mention, it has a stunning outdoor lounge. You’ll find me relaxing there most evenings. Be sure to make your reserves immediately. The hotel has graciously offered us an additional discount for rooms and suites plus it has extended its discount for two days pre/post conference so you can come early or leave later and enjoy New York City. Better yet, there’s no money down and you can change your reservations as needed. Call the Hotel Reservation line at 888-833-3969. Note all reservations must be made prior to June 1st to ensure you receive the discount. Let them know you’re with the “Writers Con.”

We are offering a TAX DAY discount for those who sign-up between April 1 & 15.  Use the discount code FANS to receive $50 off your registration. For those already signed-up not to worry, we’re giving away gifts from our authors and sponsors.

Winner for this month’s sponsor prize is Michelle from Massachusetts. Michelle receives a beautiful pair of metal cuffs courtesy of our sponsor, Dungeon Delights.

We’ll keep updating you weekly as we have more information. As always, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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