Newsletter April 20, 2014

Hi everyone,

Can you believe we have only four months and one day to go before BDSM Writers Con. Yahoo!

As always, I’ll continue to update you with information on the conference and all the really wonderful additions our Conference Committee has in store for you. Remember to review our weekly/bi-monthly updates to review all the latest info and new tidbits we have in store for you.

Like any big city, New York City is expensive. The Conference Committee has been working their tails off to find you various discounts and ways to make the trip more enjoyable while saving you money. We’ve connected with the various shuttle companies who service the airport for special rates and here’s what we’ve been able to discover for you:

Our closest airport is John F. Kennedy. Do NOT use Newark or LaGuardia. Whatever money you save in those airfares, you’ll only end up paying double on cab fare. Cab from Newark is about $80 – $100. Cab from La Guardia is about $60 – 80.

Transport to the hotel from the airport:
The best deal for transportation to and from the JFK Airport is the NYC Airporter ( with a roundtrip of $29. They depart the airport every 30-minutes. However there is a transfer connection you’ll need to make and they charge for more than two bags. The Airporter shuttle will stop at Grand Central Terminal first. From there, you’ll get a free transfer to the Roosevelt. This is arriving only! (If you don’t feel like waiting for the shuttle, you can walk the 6-8 blocks to the hotel or take a $5 cab ride.)

When departing, you’ll have to get to Grand Central Terminal as NYC Airporter does not pick up at the hotel. That’s no biggie. Again, it’s only about 6 to 8-blocks from our hotel or a $5 cab ride. By far, despite the slight inconvenience of having to go to them, Airporter is the best deal available. To reserve your seat, sign up online. You can also decide to share a cab with someone from the hotel to the airport and purchase only the one-way ticket from the airport for when you arrive. It’s $13-16. (Awaiting till you arrive to purchase your Airporter ticket is ok however it may be a few $$ more. Purchase online for the discount rate.)

Taxi to/from airport is approximately: $52 each way
If you’re traveling with friends or a partner, the taxi is probably better. You decide.
You’ll find the cabs just outside baggage claim. They have a designated pick-up station. USE ONLY the yellow cabs. Anyone coming up to you at the airport asking if you want a cab and that they’ll get you there cheaper is not a legal service.

DO NOT use your credit card when paying for the taxi. The taxi service will typically hold $100 – $150 on your credit card as payment for up to three days. Better to pay cash and get a receipt for your records.)

New Supporting Sponsor
This week, I’d like to introduce you to our new Supporting Sponsor, Caliente Resorts, who has provided us with two passes to their adults’ only resort in Tampa Florida. Only participants of BDSM Writers Con will be eligible to win these passes, thus, be sure you’re registered. Visit their website to learn more.

If you would like to become one of our conference sponsors please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities…and rewards!

Reserve your hotel room today! We were provided with a limited number of rooms at our discounted rate of $219 per night. You must reserve your room directly with the hotel prior to June 1st for this discount. Note: rooms are on a first come basis. Don’t miss out. There’s no money down so you don’t have to worry about being billed before the event. Call 888-833-3969 and reserve your room today.

Author Buddy Program
If you’re an aspiring, novice or veteran author and would like to join our Author Buddy Program, please contact me. The Author Buddy Program is designed to bring authors together to help you learn from each other about writing in this genre. Only authors attending BDSM Writers Con are allowed to participate. You will be provided with information on a special event planned during the conference.

We are so pleased to see so many husbands attending BDSM Writers Con to support their author wives. We’ve been told husbands rarely attend any author functions. We’ve decided to reward these wonderful hubbies with a special surprise during the conference. Nope, can’t tell you what it is. My lips are sealed. However, I can say, they’re sure to love it…or their wives will. (Insert wicked evil grin here.) The Sensual Sadist in me wants to tease them and say, we’ll tie them up and spank them while their wives watch and write a new scene for their book. Chuckles. But that will probably scare them and they’ll never attend another writer’s function again. So we’ll only do that if they attend, Cassandra Park’s Live Demo on Spanking & Discipline and only if they’ve been “very good”.

For our readers who are attending with their spouse/partner, we will also have a special surprise for you. Yep, we know who all of you are! And we’re so pleased to have you join us to learn more about Dominance and submission as a couple.

Look forward to see you soon!


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