Domestic Discipline and Head of Household: Can it enhance a relationship?

Scarlet Hawthorne

Has Domestic Discipline and Head of Household received a bum rap from the media?

Can it enhance a relationship?

Even after the outcries of abuse and “Spanking for Jesus” in the media, Domestic Discipline novels are more popular than ever. The DD community distances itself from both BDSM and the religious fundamentalists who use biblical passages to support the husband as Head of Household with the authority to discipline his wife. Join me as I show you how Domestic Discipline can be a vital part of a loving Dom/sub relationship and why even feminists gravitate to this lifestyle. We will also look at the controversy surrounding “boot camp.”


Scarlet Hawthorne loves including elements of BDSM in her erotic romances because, as a 24/7 submissive in a DD household, she hopes to reverse the misinformation and negative stereotypes promulgated in the media. She has also published mainstream romances in a variety of genres, from paranormal to romantic suspense, under other pen names. Scarlet’s upcoming release is the M/M Romance, BETWEEN THE NOTES. Visit her website 

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