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BDSM WRITERS CON 2014 has joined forces with several publishers to bring you a BOOK CONTEST you’ll never forget and don’t want to miss!

We have teamed up with Totally Bound Publishing, Decadent Publishing and The Wild Rose Press, Inc. to provide the winners of our BDSM WRITES CON Book Contest an a BOOK CONTRACT! You read it right; an actual “sign at the dotted line” book contract.

Winners will be announced during the BDSM WRITERS CON 2014 Award Ceremony, Thursday August 21, 2014 in New York City. All Finalists notified by July 2014.

You do not need to be present at BDSM Writers Con to win!

Contest submission dates?  Submissions will be accepted through May 31, 2014.  Decadent Publishing

Who may enter the contest?  Anyone, published or unpublished, may enter the contest. The manuscript provided for the contest may NOT have been previously published. 

Who will judge the contest? The Contest Committee is made up of veteran authors who will review and rate all submissions. We will then submit the top five Finalist to our publishers who will choose the First, Second and Third place winners. There will be fifteen finalists chosen. The judges and publishers’ decisions are final.  

Manuscript/book type:
Only completed works accepted. Book can be a chick lit, novella, Quickies, or full novel.

Contest categories:

Dominant women/submissive men

Dominant men/submissive women

LGBTQ Dominance and submission 

Scoring for the contest: There are five main categories valued at 10 points each for a total of 50-points: • BDSM content • Realistic portrayal of BDSM characters & scenes • Erotic content • Story line – Plot timing • Characters likability

The intent of the BDSM Writers Con is to help expand knowledge of what BDSM is and isn’t for writers AND readers, and the intent of this contest is to support that goal. Therefore, it is important that contestants avoid the pitfalls that often occur in unrealistic BDSM writing.

Here are some examples:
Dominant women are all portrayed as a ProDom. While yes, some Dominant women are ProDommes, your typical Dominant women is not. They are doctors, lawyers, secretaries, store clerks, stay-at-home moms, etc.

The Dominant woman (or man) switches or becomes submissive to their submissive somewhere along the story merely to drive the plot, unsupported by character development or because there is a justifiable or believable reason for someone of the orientation to switch.

The Dominant or submissive is only into BDSM because they’ve had past childhood trauma or suffer from PTSD. Once they are “healed” (through finding their “true love” or other reasons) they shed their desire for dominance and submission. While a Dominant or submissive suffering from these issues can utilize BDSM as a coping/healing mechanism, in good BDSM stories, there is usually an actual D/s orientation to the person that is not “evaporated” by progress, as if the BDSM orientation was merely a symptom of some disease/syndrome.

logo_with_straplineAuthor’s Responsibility.  By entering this book contest, the author affirms the manuscript submitted is their intellectual property. Author agrees once they are notified they are among the Finalists selected, they will not offer the book to outside publishers until after the contest is over–August 21, 2014.  In the event of co-writers, one author may submit the manuscript, however, both authors must email us to affirm their participation in the contest upon manuscript submission. Authors can choose to remove themselves from the contest at any time. Author is responsible for choosing the correct category for their book. Manuscripts must be submitted via email in its entirety. 

Book contracts are the publisher’s standard offer.  View their website for details.

First, Second & Third Place Winners Book Contracts offered as follows

Dominant women/submissive men book contract
offered by Decadent Publishing

Dominant men/submissive women book contract
offered by Totally Bound Publishers

LGBT Dominance and submission Book Contract
offered by The Wild Rose Press, Inc.

BDSM Book Contest: Our book contest is open to both published and unpublished authors in any genre including LGBT, romance, horror, steampunk, mainstream, etc.  Novice and aspiring authors encouraged to enter. 

Submission specifics: Electronic submission only. Complete manuscripts only. Novella, Chick lits or full length novel accepted in any genre (LGBT, romance, horror, steampunk, etc.) Light, medium, and dark side of BDSM and D/s relationship welcomed. 

Entry Fee: FREE
Email submissions to:  Ensure to specify which category you are entering.  Only one category per book per entry. Author may enter as many books and categories as they wish. All manuscripts received are immediately forwarded to the Contest Committee for review. Finalists will be posted on our website and notified personally. Once notified, you can scream and shout, do a happy dance, and tell the world…WE WILL!

Questions please EMAIL or call: 718-916-4124      



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