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Do you ever second guess the content within your BDSM stories?
There are definitely moments where the darker side of my imagination takes over and it makes me think about the people who will eventually read it. But I’m a firm believer in Everything isn’t for Everybody so I let my imagination work its magic and make sure that I market my work to the appropriate audience.

Do the people close to you know what you write about and how do they feel about it?
For the most part everyone is aware of the content and have read my first books because they were my first, but I think as I grow the edginess will probable hold them back from reading but they will always support my decision in writing whatever I please.TomaraJones1

What differences or difficulties, if any, do you see in writing D/s stories as opposed to your typical romance?
There are more toys and “tools” used in BDSM D/s stories but every single relationship has a submissive and a dominant part even if it switches between partners in different scenarios. Typical romances get a bit boring from time to time, especially when there are unspoken expectations, and there is sometimes a stigma of shame and dirtiness when trying to venture from the confines of that typical romance.

Why have you chosen to attend BDSM Writers Con?
I immediately saw this as an opportunity to be amongst people who are interested in the same things as me without shame or embarrassment. I would love for more exposure to my work and my writing. I also look forward to learning things that I never knew.

TomaraJones2T.N. Jones personal moment:  Over the last ten years, I have gone off to college, left my home in New York City to live in Philly, had a child, graduated college, came back to New York, and told my “9-5” to take their job and shove it. Currently, I’m still in New York City where I have started my own business, Phoenix Jones Publishing LLC. I just do what writers do… I write. I can’t remember a time where I didn’t look forward to delving deep into my imagination to bring these insane thoughts of mine to life. My underlying theme in all of my novels, from young adult to romance, is love in reality. Reality doesn’t always mean happy endings and my work often challenges the notion of them.

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