Marla Monroe

Marla Monroe

It’s our pleasure to have Marla Monroe join us for BDSM Writers Con 2014. 

Marla is a fabulous author with a gift for writing and making your heart soar with excitement. With over sixty books, there’s one…or more… perfect for everyone.

We wanted you to get to know Marla Monroe a little more so we asked her a few questions. Feel free to post your own in our comments section. She’d love to hear from you.

With so many conferences to choose from, what made you choose to attend BDSM Writers Con?
I think it will be fascinating to talk to other writers about the subject and learn more about it from those who
practice/live the lifestyle. There are more flavors of BDSM and Kink than most people are aware of. There is no right or wrong way as long as it’s SS&C. We are all unique and need different things in our lives for pleasure, comfort, safety, and growth. No one is exactly the same, so a lifestyle can’t be exactly the same to work for everyone. Plus, it’s always relaxing to be able to be myself in a group of people who share some of my interests and, well, kinks!

What has been your most interesting and difficult scene to write?
The emotional ones are the most difficult for me. I want them to convey that intense feeling of need and how each of the characters in the scene are feeling and what the interaction means to each of them. Just saying “it felt good” or “she came” doesn’t say anything about their emotional, psychological and intellectual status and growth. When I get one to where I feel it is right, I’m usually worn out and even emotional myself. That’s a good feeling.

Do you only write BDSM or do you have other themes or genres?
I write whatever my characters tell me to write. I’m a writing submissive in that my characters are in charge. I have everything from Cowboys to Bikers to Space Station as well as Contemporary and even a type of post-apocalyptic series. My BDSM series is Knights in Black Leather but many of my other series have BDSM of some type in several of the books. I easily identify with the subject and enjoy writing it.

Marla Monroe has been writing professionally for about eleven years now. Her first book with Siren was published in January of 2011. At this time, she has over 60 books available. She loves to write and spends every spare minute either at the keyboard or reading. She writes everything from sizzling-hot contemporary cowboys, emotionally charged BDSM, and dangerously addictive shifters to science fiction ménages with the occasional badass biker thrown in for good measure.

Marla lives in the southern US and works full-time at a busy hospital. When not writing, she loves to travel, spend time with her cats, and read. She’s always eager to try something new and especially enjoys the research for her books. She loves to hear from readers about what they are looking for next in their reading adventures.

Find Marla Monroe online here:  Facebook    Website      Blog     Twitter  Bookstrand


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