Mariel DuMont

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What got you started into writing, in particular about a subject as controversial as BDSM?
Writers seem to always know they’re meant to be writers. From a very early age, writing was my happy place. I still lose track of time as entire worlds, fantasies and characters are eagerly released from some unknown inner recesses.

With that being said…

My adventures as a writer of erotica (particularly BDSM) began a couple years ago when I wanted to surprise my then-partner with a sexy short story to read during one of his business trips. Knowing he was a fan of male-submissive titillation, the story involved surrender to a strong female character. In a phone call that evening, I asked for his thoughts on the sexy scenarios written expressly for him. My expectations of being showered with praise and appreciation for being such a thoughtful partner evaporated as he stated that he thought I’d copied and pasted it from “some website”.  His careless dismissal only furthered my resolve to develop the short story into what is now a book series, Training James. (So there, Sc***!  How d’ya like me now???)

What new writing projects (or home projects) are you working on?
Currently, I’m working on a full length novel involving a woman’s introduction to the world of BDSM and the effect that particular Pandora’s box has on her life.  As with all things in life, there is balance to be had and a price to be paid.

Do you travel to different destinations when writing a story or conduct “life” research for your BDSM novels?
Living close to Minneapolis, I’ve had the exquisite pleasure of instruction from some of the professional dominatrixes in the area. They’ve handled my questions and presence with grace and dignity. I also have friends who are willing to share their experiences regarding their own kinky explorations.

I’d highly recommend that anyone interested in writing BDSM fiction either take classes or get instruction from professionals – such as at BDSM Con – in order to maintain authenticity in the details.

What is it that you love most about this genre?
BDSM writing may appear to be simplistic to a casual observer (a couple whacks with a whip here and there), but the psychological aspect is fascinating. The fertile playground of human sexuality contains countless combinations of words, acts and triggers that heighten tension and eventual satisfaction. Also, it can be rather surprising to discover some of my own moments of bliss as well <wink>.

Where can I see you next?
At BDSM Writer’s Con in NYC! I’m truly looking forward to it.

If you won a Golden Flogger Award or were nominated or are a Finalist for one, please tell us a little about it.
Wow. Being a Finalist of – or winning – a Golden Flogger Award would be a goal in achieving professional validation. Even more so, it could be used as a platform to further societal acceptance of BDSM as a natural extension of sexuality.

If you could be any BDSM toy or equipment which would you be and why?
I’d love to be a flogger, with soft leather strips to be gently drawn like ribbons across my partner’s skin, causing him to flinch in anticipation of their metamorphosis from a butterfly’s touch to a rhythmic , stinging cascade, leaving angry red kisses interwoven on the tapestry of his skin. Proof that he is owned. He is mine.

A little about Mariel:
Mariel DuMont loves to write about strong characters with all-too-human flaws. Unafraid to tackle non-mainstream topics, she delights in weaving tales to excite her readers. When not writing or reading, she likes to drink wine with her sassy friends and experiment with creative cuisine. Her neurotic shelter dog keeps her grounded and humble as he works to adjust to a better life. Although winters in the upper Midwest last close to forever, it also allows her imagination to run free with fertile thoughts of the steamy, naughty sort. Occasionally, bouts of cabin-fever will entice her to warmer climates for equilibrium, sunshine and tropical beverages…and more naughtiness.

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