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Join me in welcoming our Featured Author, Marie Tuhart

Below are a few questions we had for Marie. Please feel free to ask her a few of your own.



Why do you write erotic romance?
I’d been writing romance for a while, but I was finding it hard to have my alpha male heroes fit into some of the traditional romance roles.  I’d take a class with an erotic romance author and found that I liked writing the spicier stuff.  So I wrote my first erotic romance, it was years before it was published.  And I do stay a little more toward the lighter side of BDSM, but I’m evolving as an author.

How did you come up for the idea for the Quick Silver Ranch series?
Marie Tuhart, BDSM Writers Con, Doctor Charley Ferrer, cowboy romance, erotica, kink It was just one of those story lines that evolved from me just sitting and pondering what I was going to write.  I’d just signed a contract with The Wild Rose Press when they put out a call for books in a new line called “Cowboy Kink”.  It wasn’t until several months later, after I finished the book under contract that I started to think about writing for “Cowboy Kink”.

I wanted something unique and different and thought about a ranch, but instead of a normal dude ranch, this one would be for consenting couples who are trying to spice up their love life with some kink.  Quick Silver Ranch was born, a place for couples to take classes and explore their sexual lives.  Originally there was just the first book: Roped & Ready, but my editor and senior editor asked me to write Jared’s story, which I did, and Saddle Up was born.  I had lots of fun with both books.

Which characters have been the hardest to write?
That’s a hard one.  Vicki, in In Plain Sight, was pretty difficult, I think because she was my first heroine to explore her kinky side.

Jared, in Saddle Up, was by far my hardest hero.  I wanted him to be one way and he fought me after about 14,000 words I finally figured out who he was (why don’t men like to talk) and I had to throw out most of what I’d written and start all over.

Marie Tuhart, romance, BDSM Writers Con, Doctor Charley Ferrer, kink Which characters have been the easiest to write?
Most of them.  So far, Kasim, from Claimed by the Sheikh (Sybarite Seductions) he knew what he wanted and went after it. Although most my hero’s do.

As for my heroines, Cassie from His For The Weekend (The Wild Rose Press)  was the most complicated to write, but also the easiest because I knew her story well.

What’s next?
Well, hopefully this year I’ll have several books.  Claimed by the Sheikh (Sybarite Seductions) will be out this fall.  I have The Red Club Project (The Wild Rose Press) in progress now.  Then there’s Movie Magic (Sybarite Seductions) which has a character from Silver Screen Dom (Romancing the Stars – Sybarite Seductions), plus I have others planned to come out from The Wild Rose Press this year.Marie Tuhart, BDSM Writers Con, erotic romance, Doctor Charley Ferrer

Marie Tuhart can’t remember a time when she didn’t like to make things up.  Her overactive imagination comes in hand as an authors.  At the age of sixteen she wrote her first short story and never looked back.  At nineteen she wrote her first novel.  Now she’s a published author of seven novels and 3 short stories.  Born and raised in California, after 30 years in the corporate world she retired and moved to the Pacific Northwest to write full time. When not writing Marie loves to read, travel, and spend time with her family.  Marie currently writes for The Wild Rose Press and Sybarite Seductions. Marie is an Amazon bestselling author.


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