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I met Kathy Kulig when she attended my first BDSM Writers Con event in 2011. Her desire to learn and improve her craft as a writer was inspiring. I’ve enjoyed her blog articles and stories and I sure you will too. Plus did you know her and her hubby are restoring a landmark home? Below are a few questions to help you learn a little more about this amazing author. Then again, you could ask her a few of your own as well.

How did you get started writing erotica?
I started dabbling with sensual poetry, even published a few pieces in literary magazines. Then in 2004, I met an author/editor who was putting together a collection of erotic novellas for an anthology. I pitched an idea off the top of my head and she said, send it. But I hadn’t written it yet. I quickly wrote the story and it was published. With help from her patient editing skills. It took three more years until I sold my next work—actually two sales in one day—a novel and a novella to Ellora’s Cave. I’ve been writing for them since.

Where do you draw inspiration from for your stories?damnedanddefiant_kathykulig150
Everywhere! While driving, waiting in line at the grocery store, traveling, eavesdropping on a conversation, watching a movie. A scene, character trait, plot line can flash in my mind over a simple thing. Once I was standing in line for a ride at Epcot in Florida. I glanced at a mural of a futuristic scene across from the long waiting line. A plotline for a complete story flashed in my mind, then ideas for a series. I grabbed my notebook out of my purse and jotted notes. My husband rolled his eyes. “Book idea?” he asked. I nodded and continued writing as he dragged me along in the line.

A number of your books have elements of BDSM or have BDSM themes. Can you tell the readers more about these books?
Summer Sins and Emerald Dungeon from Ellora’s Cave are both BDSM themed books. Summer Sins takes place in a club, Dark Odyssey, and is about a women assigned a writing assignment about the club for her rag gossip magazine. But her heart isn’t in it. While working on the article, she hopes to satisfy her own curiosity about the BDSM DialBforBondage_KathyKulig150lifestyle and discovers more than she anticipated. In Emerald Dungeon, the heroine spends a summer in Ireland for her dream job as a musician in a medieval castle. She has never explored a D/s relationship, but discovers there’s much more going on it the castle after the dinner shows. My Demons in Exile series have some elements of BDSM (mild bondage). These are paranormal erotic romances.

Why do you like writing BDSM erotica and erotic romance?
Yes, sex is healthy, fun and great to read about and all that. I enjoy reading and writing this genre. I like to write and explore the D/s relationship, the depth of emotions, trust, love and power exchange within my characters. But I’ve also found many of my readers want something a little edgier. Perhaps they’re curious about alternative lifestyles or just want an edgier read or maybe want to explore and experiment themselves. It’s all good. Reading BDSM allows readers to explore this lifestyle as literary voyeurs.

I hear you have a bit of a shoe fetish. Is that true?
Ah, well, yes,…I’ll have to own up to that one. Shoes and boots. I love to wear them bare-legged, with stockings/leggings or fishnets. Shoes, like clothes, can make your feel sexy. I like the heels high, a bit wild and the boots can be any height. Yes, I’m a shoe slut.

Award-winning author Kathy Kulig is a writer of paranormal and contemporary erotic romance. She is the author of over a dozen novels and novellas. Her books have finaled orKathy Kulig13a won a number of contests including the PRIZM, EPIC and Maggie awards. She has spoken at Romantic Times Convention, NJ Romance Writers Conference, Romanticon and for other writers groups. Besides her career in writing, she’s a cytotechnologist and has worked as a research scientist, medical technologist, dive master and stringer for a newspaper. Kathy resides in eastern Pennsylvania with her husband of twelve years and lives in a 100-year-old Victorian home which has a garage built of rejected tombstones. Visit her at:
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PS: Check out Kathy’s interviewed on USA TODAY Happily Ever After which debuted November 15.

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